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  • `DK -

    yeah was pretty gd, tanks :p

  • Mayank -

    There was a troll who was putting blank huge image to disrupt the display. Posts are removed and he has been banned.

  • Melly -

    hey =) how r u?

  • `DK -

    kl kl having a gd easter day? :D

  • `DK -

    hey, gd thanks, yourself? ;)

  • Matt -

    Nah, you haven't offended me at all. I'm just sketchy with random people adding me when I haven't spoken to them before. The internet is an evil place to be so I'm just cautious that's all.

  • Matt -

    Not to sound rude, but who are you and why exactly do you want to add me to your friends, when we don't even know one another.

  • SimpleGirl. -

    Hey, thanks for the add :)
    You new here?