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    Hey. You were up so late. :o

  • JCpatriots -

    Heh, that's a good way of doing it, I guess. Never thought of it.

    I've noticed homophobia is higher between guys as well. That sucks though. I wish more people in my life were gay/bisexual, then I would be able to talk to them about it as well. But I doubt that is the case with any of my brothers or friends. :\

    I got a really bad sunburn one year. I was dumb enough to forget to put my sunblock on one day, when it was like 95 degrees out, and bright sunny the whole day. I realized after about an hour that I was starting to burn, and was like "crappp, I'm screwed." I had the worst sunburn for like a week on my shoulders. I couldn't sleep on my back without it hurting like hell.

  • JCpatriots -

    But how do I like...bring that up in topic without actually telling them? (They seem to be quite homophobic)

    I know, I'm glad she is accepting. :) I don't know about my dad or brothers, though. :\

    I can get very slight skin color in the summer, but I generally fry. :lolz:

  • JCpatriots -


    I've always wondered if that was the case with my friends. Though I never showed it, really.

    My mom took it very well, I pretty much knew she would. I was just still afraid to tell her, but one day I was feeling confident (which hardly happens for me), and I just told her. It went well. :)

    LOL, I don't tan, though. :p

  • JCpatriots -

    That's awesome! Congrats man! :)

    Oh man, that's quite a bit. How did they take it?

    The only person who knows I am bisexual is my mom.

    And I will definitely have to think of something to do this weekend.
    Mmmm, warmth. :D

  • JCpatriots -

    Boyfriend? :D
    Yeah, I do need a break, it's been a busy few weeks. Glad to have it off. Enjoy the day today, it hit 70F today. :)

  • JCpatriots -

    Haven't seen you in a few days.
    That's good to hear. :)
    I'm doing alright, I have a 4 day weekend this weekend. :D

  • Multigraincerealisgood -

    Gosh, don't. Well, obviously you need to keep an eye on your calorie intake but no need to worry about it. :)
    Yes, horrible people worked in that place. Till-training was fun! I didn't get to do much though, just learning the basics.
    I haven't been checking this site as regularly as I should be, how's things been?

  • scottiedawg -

    YO BRO!! what up???? PM me!

  • JCpatriots -

    Waynee. Hello. :)

    How are you?

  • ccc1122 -

    haha.. yeah its pretty late

  • ccc1122 -

    Hyperactivity is good! so how might you be?

  • ccc1122 -

    I might be good
    I might be sickly
    I might be sad

    Right now i"m hyper though

  • 16rob -

    i wont be on as much as i have my own sites to run

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  • Simplistic_Revolution -

    Hey. =]

  • 16rob -

    its not bad of a place

  • 16rob -

    suburb of philly

  • 16rob -

    bored also not much to do

  • 16rob -

    o ok so whats up

  • 16rob -

    lol how do they?

  • Suicide Season -

    Hey, where in Md you from?

  • JCpatriots -

    I think some of the fans got cut up pretty badly too as a result. I never got into hockey, because it seemed to me all they ever do is fight each other. :\

    Well, I still could lose about 20-30 more to be considered an ok weight. Though I do have a lot of muscle, but I got lazy over the last few years, and I've built up some weight, lol.

    Are you doing other things or something? lol
    Or just hard time focusing? :p

  • JCpatriots -

    I once saw the glass get shattered in a hockey game. I wouldn't want to go to one, they are too intense. A basketball game would be fine for me.

    Yeah, I know! I never thought I could do so good at losing pounds, but I'm doing great. Hopefully can keep on losing some more weight this summer. :)

    Yep, I got used to doing it after awhile.
    Haha, well if you think of it again, then say it. :p

  • JCpatriots -

    I guess they put themselves up to it when they wanted to do hockey for a living. :p
    I saw one guy purposely step on another guy's ankle with his skate. :eek: He got a 25 game suspension for it. Saw another guy hit someone square in the face with his hockey stick on purpose. Also got a 25 game suspension. They are really crazy...

    I know, 30-32 pounds since then. :eek: I walked 5 miles the other day, too. It was like 65 here and sunny, so I took advantage of the warm weather.

    It still took me awhile to get used to the internet when I first started using it. Been using it since I was like 11, even took me until like 16 to fully get used to talking to people about personal things.

  • JCpatriots -

    Haha, yeah. Hockey is quite violent.

    Whoa, your as tall as me. Weigh a lot less, though. :p
    Though I have lost a lot of weight since like December, so I'm working on it.

    I guess that's why I spend a lot of time online. Easier for me to talk about things I wouldn't normally talk to anyone in my life about (sexuality mainly). It's good for me, because I can relate to people online in similar scenarios as me, or people feeling similar to how I feel.

  • JCpatriots -

    I'm getting a bit more into hockey/basketball as of lately, too.

    Ouch. :\ Well, I'm sure you aren't that small. How tall/how much do you weigh?

    There are a lot of sexy people here, too. ;)

    I never know how to approach new people. Whenever I meet new people in real life, things are awkward. I never know what to say, or how to start conversations. It's easier online, because I'm not like talking to them face-to-face, but eh. I guess I should approach it like that in real life situations.

    No problem. :)

  • JCpatriots -

    Well, I like the New England Patriots. No one else seems to, though. :rofl:
    Red Sox are my favorite baseball team.

    Sounds interesting. Definitely wouldn't be good if he found out, lol.

    Yep, party. Haven't really ever been to any good parties before, though.

    Eh, I was never really social in school, never met many people. I do have some friends from middle school who I still talk to, but we're kind of growing apart since we are out of high school now.

    Ooh, you changed your picture. Looks good. :)

  • JCpatriots -

    My favorite sport is probably football. It used to be baseball, but I don't watch it as much as I used to.

    Bath time? :rofl:

    Whoo party! :D

    I wish I had things to do on nights. Like hang out with friends, but I don't have that many friends to hang out with. :\

  • JCpatriots -

    Different interests, lol. I dunno, I used to be a lot more into it, like watching games and all of that. But lately, I haven't been paying much attention to them. I just check final scores, and standings. :\

    But what is there to do on a Saturday night?

    *throws a party*