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  • Jamelae -

    Merry Christmas :D

  • Podunk -


  • Jamelae -

    Happy New year :D

  • Jamelae -

    hi jem, how are you?

  • Xarles -

    Allora, dove sei andata @_@

  • Matt1992 -

    Wow, hot!!

  • Jamelae -

    :hugs: jem, missed you so.. i hope you're just ok...

  • dandaitalianman -

    Ci hai lasciato?

  • Jamelae -


  • Jamelae -

    jem jem jem! I'm missing you! nasaan ka na? hehe :hugs:

  • Jamelae -

    Ganda, kumusta na? ang hot ng profile pic hehe :) miss na kita ganda. :hugs:
    tc and GBy

  • alexandre -

    What's up Jem ? :)

  • I Promise -

    [COLOR=DarkOrchid][FONT=Comic Sans MS]Nice photo :) Hope you're having a good day[/FONT][/COLOR]

  • ImNotATree -

    Aw, your profile picture is cute! [B]<3[/B]

  • kungfumaster -

    haha well he's like the head honcho so its ok. He's like the owner of a toy shop or something. And way to suck up to him! haha no I'm just messing with you I'll probably still be posting here when I'm like 40 and going "back in my day..." That's great fellow asian.

  • Annjill OMJ -

    ahaha. that's great. :) im fine. i think you're nice. :)

  • kungfumaster -

    Are you really 22? Isn't this a teen forum? haha just kidding hope you are doing well.

  • AccessDenied -

    sweet of you to rep me. Thank you very much.

  • Brighteyes -

    Hi Jem

    And a very good evening to you.

    Thank you so much for your very kind message the other day and for your understanding.

    Love Kaye :hugs:

  • alexandre -

    huhuh !! Thanks you, that's a pleasure to help you :). Well, we did it by foot to the second floor ! It was amazing but so tiringg !! Actually one of my friends wanted to impres a girl I liked... So we did it by foot :gay:.
    xoxo :)

  • alexandre -

    Well, so the tower is divided into 3 floors !

    To reach the second, which is less the half of the tower, it costs 3.5 euros by foot. By lift, it costs 6.4 euros :).
    Go on the top of the tower will cost you 9.9 euros :D !

  • alexandre -

    Aaaahh !! Not Chuck xD ! he's such a bastard :rolleyes: !

    "but I think to enjoy it better is to have more lively people, right? " You're definitely right :D !!

    What do you plan to do later, I mean as a job ?

    Well concerning the Eiffel tower (It didn't write it the good way haha), I haven't any prices, but let me check that, I'll tell you :) !

  • Corax -

    Okay, Jem! Have a great day at school! :hugs:

  • Corax -

    It's fine, I love listening to people, and it's quite difficult to annoy or offend me. You'd have to actively try. Is everything okay between you, I hope? :D

  • Corax -

    I'll be fine, Jem. I appreciate it. :hugs: I'm a survivor.

    Yeah... I have few friends and can't drive. So I stay on the computer most days and keep my ear to the ground for things going on.

    What are you anxious about? If I may ask. :)

  • Corax -

    Haha, I didn't care about the VIP, they were just fun questions to answer. I didn't google them.

    I'm okay. A bit depressed and out of sorts but that's the way of things lately.

  • Corax -

    Not really... they were easy questions. CashMoney thinks I copied him but he was wrong on one anyway, so... :p

    How are you, Jem? :hugs:

  • alexandre -

    The effeil tower !! Yeah it rocks, I visited it long time ago, was great !

    Actually I'm a student in computer science in university ! I'm this kind of guy people are used to call "geek" or "nerd" :chairdance:! I never go out, hanging out with my friends.....

    hahaha just kidding :D !! If there is one thing I dislike (hate ?!!!) in computer science, it's probably people who are in. They, most of the time, don't partying.... boringg :( !

    (I'm currently watching Gossip Girl haha I love it :lovey:)

  • alexandre -

    Philippines ? Cool :D ! So I guess now, u must be fluent with Italian langage hehehe. I wish I could be with english !

    I live in Britanny (Bretagne), which is located in the North-West !
    Hm so u're going to visit France. I guess u'll go to Paris (haha everyone go there :p) ?