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    [B]We're all following you,comrade.[/B]

  • tinhead -

    [B]No question was asked in your first PM. I'm not actually that young and asshole doesn't offend me. Some of the things you said to other people however have annoyed me. I don't let go of little things.

    Your rep doesn't affect anyone else because you have red rep yourself. Anyone who has less than 50 posts or red rep have no 'rep power'.

  • tinhead -

    [B]I don't really care that you called me a 'dickhead' from someone like you that's a compliment.

    By the way your rep does nothing to anyone else.[/B]

  • tinhead -

    I can't believe you called me a dickhead ;( I am incredibly insulted.

    You did assume that that girl was fat however? Why was that then?