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  • Alice -

    Oh right wayne rooney are you being sarcastic? lmao. I dont live near any major football teams so we dont get footballers sadly =[ theirs loads of pompous public school students around here though
    getting on the bus in the morning with their horrible uniforms which are like yellow
    its so funny.

    urgh yeah like right at the beginning in the kitchen or when he stays over in the smaller house is it?
    some of it is a bit complicated :P

    nooo fiction is better beats real life
    all the fantasies as i hate ready about other peoples lives unless their funny :p

    wooo for long messages.

  • Alice -

    oh thank god for that =[ it sucks that you had cancer and it would of been worse if you had to go through it again =[/
    My nan had thyroid cancer in the summer =[ it was really vicious though plus she was alot older.

    oh yeah she made a video about herself deleting the account on youtube it was very sad... :p
    plus yeah their is a lot of fakers. On radio 1 with the chris moyles show they sometimes talk about twitter and all the fakes of comedy dave their is haha.

    na im more of a B student :p yeah it was just a memory test.plus i had 3 tests this week and my biology teacher was like 'ive marked half the classes exams and no one got above a D' and that included me :p so idk. The exams in january and ive decided that maths and physics and biology i should do ok in if i revise a lot its just chemistry which is like argh :p

    also ive noticed the grade boundaries are so high. Just say compared to gcse where it was stupidly low.
    Like a D is 70%???

    haha hmm imagine ordering a meaty feast just say and their would be all cows and sheep in the fields around oh the irony :p.

  • Alice -

    it went good ;D i went last week too but now its so cold i dont want to go again for a long time. Yeah its nice when it rains but when your in a squished up tent with like 5 people its horrible to be on the end trying not to touch the side =[

    aww i love old houses =[ my mums addicted to them like where my dad goes golf the area is like the richest in east midlands so me and my mum always gaze at the houses around there
    i love big houses though =]]]]]

    yeah i also brought my one of my fav love books of all time which i last borrowed from the library only £2 =]
    though its a bit of a lie if i call it a romantic.. wuthering heights ;D
    also i have a small vampire obsession book to read also to fill my childish side haha
    [url=http://www.amazon.co.uk/Tempted-House-Night-Kristin-Cast/dp/1905654588/ref=pd_sim_b_4]Tempted (House of Night): Amazon.co.uk: Kristin Cast, P.C. Cast: Books[/url]

    also if you had to read fiction or non fiction books for the rest of your life
    which would you choose? =]

    wow long message ;D

  • Alice -

    aww, i hope you get better soon whats wrong? if you dont mind me asking =]

    yeah its all disney hyped though i heard miley deleted her twitter... OH NO :p

    its been ok just getting deeper into my subjects they dont seem hard but there is a lot of information to remember and to understand. i have some internal exams next week
    just to set my grades i really would love an A-B in biology and maths and hopefully B-C in chemistry & physics so hopefully i get like all B's at the end of the year ;> Also i got an A in a biology test but it will get harder i bet so i know if i do that amount of revision at the least i can do well
    Thanks =] yeah its nice to write to you to :p

  • Alice -

    where have you gone aaron =[

  • armyforthebroken -

    So, my internet is back on!

  • Alice -

    :p na dont worry you didnt ;D btw sorry for this late reply ive been ill recently so i wasn't in that mind frame for such a long reply lmao ;> =]

    yeah there is two stages before the actual judges so it imagine when the bad ones go to the first two stages and the producers are like 'YOUR AMAZING YOUR THROUH'

    aww yeah miley cyrus and all her friends confuse me. Who is it? selena gomez or demi lovata or something idk who they are. Have you got the new dan brown book yet?
    i brought a new book yesturday its by the same people as wrote the book i was telling you about
    'the time travelers wife' i need to do some studying before i can start it sadly :p

    isnt da vinci code the first one? :S:S:S
    i need to have a harry potter marathon or a lord of the rings one hmmmm

    erm well this weekend im going camping with my friends friday then revision/relax saturday then sunday gym ;D
    do you live in an old fashion cottage then? chimney sweeper lmao reminds me of mary poppins... hmmm

    oh very adventurous ;) as you can see i cant spell ;D

  • JCpatriots -

    Yep, that's correct. :)

  • Kevin -

    Yup, no closing accounts after 500 posts. Also, that was a double thread that the guy made, so i closed it.

  • Johnny Bravo -

    For your VM with Jon, as a trainee mod, you cannot close accounts, or ban accounts.

  • Tenris -

    Lol! Sorry X( I really have been tired lately, even to the extent of writing crap that no one can understand lol. Sorry X( Yeah. I meant to say I apologise for my lack of activity, but am on for the night now so am gonna get something done. Hope you're well :)

  • Alice -

    oh at the weekend friday relax maybe
    saturday day sometimes i go shopping or reivse
    at night i might go to a house party/gig
    then sunday i go to the gym ;D
    what about you?

    yeah its good the story is really cool i think no.2 is still my favourite though

  • Alice -

    ahh i left you a message ages ago
    it took me ages to write =[ i thought you just weren't replying to me :p
    obvs didnt send =[
    ok ill try and rewrite it again

    erm x factor? yeah its funny to watch but its just made for money
    it annoys me when people i know in real life who have entered and can sing but don't get in and their friends moan about how good they are but dont get on and stuff..
    its like ITS JUST FOR MONEY =]]

    i bet hannah montannah had the whole story of top cheerleader miss popular or unnoticed etc
    nothing normal...

    aw yeah i loved the fims but when i read the books towards the end
    the films just wernt as good
    i hated the new film it just missed out so much

    yeah apparently at Auschwitz no animals go into that area (like birds flying over it) where the camp is
    but they go in the forest around it
    like theirs a negative aura

  • Tenris -

    Hi :)
    Again - my apologies for my lack of absence - you know the reasons. Just to let you know that friday evening I'll get properly up to date and put all my effort in :) Sorry for all the trouble, I really am - don't mean to let you down.
    Thanks :)


  • Johnny Bravo -

    You look nice. :)
    Aw, don't lose confidence. ;)

  • Johnny Bravo -

    I would be happy to see your acting skills! :eek:

    I've never seen a picture of yourself! Care to shatter the vision I have of you in my head?

  • Johnny Bravo -

    That sounds fun! You should record a play when you next do one, and put it up for all of us to see. :)

  • Johnny Bravo -

    Aw. :(

    I'm a swimmer, and I play guitar, and drums. How about you?

  • Johnny Bravo -

    I don't enjoy it much. I never get seated near friends, so no fun. :(

    Pretty much the same as yours.

  • Johnny Bravo -

    Okay. School started back up last week, not so excited for that, but I'm making the most of it.

    How about you?

  • Saradactyl -

    I am doing fine. Just busy with school and work. How have you been, I miss you.

  • Johnny Bravo -

    Sure, I'll have that arranged. :)

  • Johnny Bravo -

    Also, another question. Do you want the pretty teal user name color, or stick with your orange?

  • Johnny Bravo -

    Are you feelin' the excitement? :p

  • Johnny Bravo -

    Grats :)

  • Alisha -

    Congrats. :)

  • Poo-tee-weet? -

    Haha what can I say, gotta get the advice in there somehow:p.

  • Alice -

    erm none of them
    the midlands :p east to be exact
    i.e the home of the tigers
    best team ever ;)

    long message haha

  • Alice -

    yeah ive been kind of busy just starting my subjects up so soon i might
    and yeah i went to the cinema to see it this week but films are never good
    yeah its alright very political from the very first chapter so if you like that kind of thing
    i got it for 60p so its all good
    is it just her highschool life etc?
    and yeah i read the whole of the harry potter series over the holidays so that was very good ;D

    yeah i would love to but yeah i also like physics and maths so i could go into astronomy or astrophysics maybe. Yeah i do all the homework and revise extra hard :cool:
    thanks yeah probs but ill always be my biggest critic i guess

    yeah ive always found biology not hard just lots to remember
    chemistry and physics can get puzzling but dumbed down gcse doesnt help :p
    yeah i like the global warming part of it

    yeah like world war 2 etc is always good
    i was watching some auschwitz program the other day
    it was interesting

  • Alice -

    i have dear fatty on the side to read next haha thats so creepy :P
    erm i read time travellers wife and dan browns deception point
    just getting the books out of the way=] was cyrus' biography any good? she seems to young to write it haha.

    yeah i would love to be a doctor but im not cleaver enough
    like im not stupid but im just not full marks in everything kind of person
    well i did in physics gcse but that was a dawdle haha.
    I doubt that will be the same

    yeah biology seems interesting were just on the first topic of cell membranes
    and 3 of my friends are already like confused by it
    and its not even hard yet :s

    aww cool is european history good?
    it must go back so long with the georgians (i cant remember the actual name but it was when the spanish used the white flag with the red cross on it?) i think thats really interesting
    when they invaded mexico etc.

    and sounds really good what uni are you at?
    great hours ;D