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  • Dom -

    I'm doing alright! Glad you are doing well :)

  • allout-stuff -

    so what are you doing ? Were you from ?

  • youremine -

    hey whats up?

  • brickhead -

    Hiya, how r u?

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  • Dom -

    Oh my, what a pleasant surprise to hear from you after all this time!

    I am alright thank you, just working away as always, keeping myself to myself :) And how about you? How is life treating you these days?

  • Dom -

    Probably not...How the devil are you?

  • Dom -

    Would I do such a thing?!

  • Dom -

    Here's another...[SIZE=5]HELLO [/SIZE]:D

  • Dom -


  • Papa Bear -

    wow did you draw that? soo goood

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  • Dom -

    How are you, stranger?

  • inmonclerblack -

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  • Dom -


  • Dom -


    How are you?

  • Heather -

    Hello my dear, how are you? :)

  • Jamelae -

    Merry Christmas :D

  • ~ Valentina ~ -

    Thanks so much for all your best wishes, it really touched my heart :)

    I hope you will have the best time ever with all the people you love :)

    I hope you're doing great =D



  • DubStepBwoy -


  • Dom -

    Don't mention it :D

  • Francis -


  • ~ Valentina ~ -

    I feel more optimistic about the future now, and thanks so much for the concern :)
    Thanks so much. I wish you the best too, of course :)
    Haha, my sisters always say the same! Do you study far from home?

    Well, my friend who moved to another town is coming back for the holidays. I've been knowing her since we're about 6 years old, so I miss her a lot and I look forward to meet her again :) Otherwise I may meet one of my online friends but it's still unsure. My friends and I are also going to Italy in February, with school. I can't wait :p
    What about you? Any plans?

  • ~ Valentina ~ -

    Hi Kaye :) I'm doing very good thanks, how about you?
    Well, school planned a huge meeting this winter, and at thos occasion, I'll be able to meet uni teachers and all, so I'm waiting to go there before making a decision. But now I'm almost sure I'll try to apply to a "classe prépa", just as I said before.
    Thanks for asking. How are you? What's new? :)

  • keep1up -

    ^ you draw that!?

  • ~ Valentina ~ -

    You're right. They stole all your belongings, but at least they won't steal your dreams...

    Thank you, it's very nice of you :) I guess I'm going to do what we call here a "classe prépa". It means 2 intensive years of work, then I may be able to apply to higher-education schools. It's kind of hard though, but I feel ready for it :) I'm going to study literature, languages, philosophy, geography, history,...

    I'm just still afraid because I don't know where I will have to go. Besides, my friends are all going in the same city (but I can't go there because the "classe prépa" isn't good there) sooo yeah... It's gonna be a new life for me.

  • ~ Valentina ~ -

    I'm glad to see you're doing better :) Yeah... I guess you must have been through a lot after what happened :/ Do you still plan to become a vet ?

    Well, I'm kind of worried because I'm not still sure of where I'm going to apply for next year. I have to chose my uni, and I'm afraid of making the wrong decision... Otherwise, I'm ok :)