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  • Rlapse -

    Hello, do you have msn or anything like that?

  • Giggity -

    Where in GA do you live?

  • JCpatriots -

    Yeah, my family has no money either. I'm sticking with community college for the first two years of my degree, because I can't really afford 4-6 years of university. :eek:

    Well, hopefully things start to get better soon. It's getting tough for a lot of people. :(

  • JCpatriots -

    I know exactly what you mean, dude. The only job I've ever had was last summer's job at the water park. That helped me this year. But other than that, I've been laid off for months now looking for a job during the year, applied to 20 places with no luck at all. It sucks sooo much.

  • JCpatriots -

    I accepted. :p

    That's awesome man. :) College is a whole different experience, it's pretty cool. You'll definitely like it.

    Have you been up to anything else?

  • JCpatriots -

    Wow that's great. Which school did you decide on going to? What are you hoping to major in? And I'll send the link to you in a PM. :)

  • JCpatriots -

    And yes, I do have a Facebook page.

  • JCpatriots -

    Yeah, I'm always on here, lol. I used to be a lot less active, and got a lot more active over the last year or so.

    I remember talking to you when you were 16. Heh. Good times, good times. :p
    I guess it's good I act that mature. :p

    How did you do in school?

  • JCpatriots -

    Well, I don't see you on GT or TH anymore. :(

    Do you have like MSN or something?

    Not a whole lot, I actually just finished my first year of college. Been really busy with school work, lol. Got a job for the summer working at a water park. It's been tough finding a job, though.

  • JCpatriots -

    Holy shit Matt, it's been agessss! How have you been?

  • icbeirut -

    [B]nice to see you around,dawg[/B]

  • malarky -

    i think u r xtremely cute...also luv ur posts...
    i would luv ya to PM me!

  • Henry -

    Oh, awesome

  • Mayank -

    nothing much haha. You say? :p

  • Henry -

    I also remember I like you!

    Why haven't you been posting for months?

  • Mayank -


  • Henry -

    I remember you!

  • Kris88 -

    Matt! I miss you!