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    heylo. whats up

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    hey. ima guy. ad me on msn.......x.X.nicholas.X.x@hotmail.com id like to tlk to u.

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    Hey! What's up?

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    Next time when your dog is licking your pussy can I join in? Me and your dog can tounge kiss too if it turns you on. ;)

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    so hiii, i dunno why i wanted to talk but here i am :D

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    Hi hun, PM me if you wanna talk

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    hi angela, thanks for at least being nice! n thanks for ur advice too. have a good one.

  • angelafwks -

    Hiya, its a pretty wild thing to admit to having a dog lick you! One of my friends has admitted doing it but I would suggest you keep any personal stuff like that to yourself or you will get all the weird types writing to you. I'm not critisising you, it is your choice how you get off, I just think you would be wise keeping some things to just a few friends not the whole world, lol.