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    hey jess...hw are you?

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    hey, im mark, how are you

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    It is not magical! You slip on it, because of the molecular structure. You have to shovel it, and it is heavy. You step in a puddle, and you sock is full of wet snow. It is horrible! haha

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    Lots! It has been snowing here for over 30 hours, which just stopped 1 hour ago. Good thing I have a heater in my dorm room. haha. I wish I attended a university in a tropical area...My friend is attending a design university in Malaysia, he says the school is not that good, but the weather is! haha...

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    I attend University of Wisconsin in America...It is sooo cold!

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    Very Cool. I never visit Philippines before. I have fly over them! :D

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    Because I grew up in China, Jiangsu, Suzhou and graduated from there as well. My family and friends still live there...^.^ 你住在中国吗? :P 哈哈