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    Someone called me a "cunt" in rep.

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    OFFICER. halp.

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    Excuse me. Theres a really rude and insulting thread by Ari Gold called Fuck all of you. I was a bit upset to read it in a puberty site. Is there anything you can do to take it down or ban him?

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    [COLOR="Purple"]Are you a police officer?[/COLOR]

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    oh, sorry darling, I've been awfully busy. you know you've missed my charismatic charm ;)

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    are they genuine??

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    might as well say hi. so how are you?

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    Good afternoon Beautiful ;)

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    Just wanted to say hi to a moderator!!!!


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    hi! i need to get one of my threads removed, and seeing as though you are a moderator i figured id ask you

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    [removed content]

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    Hey gorgeous

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    I usually just cant be bothered to cut down VMs. :p
    Ya I hope so, just have to start studying now, I cannot get motivated to study at all. Oh ya, if you are good at Engineering you can be making like between 60-80 grand a year, its one of the reasons I went into it. :lol: Oh that's cool, I wouldn't mind working in a cafe or something, there's definitely worse jobs out there. Haha that's awesome, I hope it works out for you Jen. :)
    Haha thanks, ya I just would love the chance to see her again, we still love each other, but talking to each other can be hard for both of us like.
    Well I think you have a good thing with Sean, you do seem to be happy, so maybe for now you should leave things as they are. If its meant to be with either of them it will happen. I am kind of the same way, don't think I could leave someone, but I think if we had to we could like. Ya that's good, I think he may possibly be the better choice, for now anyway. But like I said it has to be your choice.
    WHAATTT???? That sucks, it shouldn't have stopped Halloween though, unless the storm was still there the next day. That's cool, did you have a good time? Ya mine was ok, went to a house party, everyone in costume. We had a pretty fun night.

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    Part 2
    Well I cant say to stay with sean or go back with your ex, but all you can do is go with your heart, don't leave the person you love for the person you like and vise versa. But it seems like you are happy with your current relationship soo maybe its better to stay with him, but I suggest you think long and hard about it.
    Hahaha, I'm sure you are doing awesome, how was your Halloween?

    I hate how you can only have 1500 characters when writing VMs. :p

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    Tell me about it, I wonder if I am meant to be an engineer at all because I just cant seem to do well in exams at all. Oh right, where will you hope to be working?
    Ya it was a fun day, I have another christening to go to in the new year, my other sister had her baby, the two babies were only like a week or two apart.
    Oh well best of luck in the championships Jen. :) Ahh ya I half thinking that alright. Ya exactly, well to me she does not sound like a person who is genuine, like she has an agenda and does not care if she hurts people along the way. I guess its up to him whether he feels like she can be trusted. But for someone to ask a person in a relationship to leave them for you is not really what a decent person would do, its just slightly wrong in my eyes, imo you wait until a relationship is over before even thinking about making a move.
    Ya it does kill me when I think she could be getting with guys, buts she's not the type of girl to sleep around like, when we first met, I asked if I could kiss her and she said no because we had just met and didn't know each other, and from that I respected her sooo much more, and ultimately made our relationship. I think as long as its a decent guy who will treat her well and keep her safe, ill have to try and accept it, overall I think I will be ok with it.

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    Ya I've been pretty ok, been trying to find a job to no avail, god damn economy. And I will have to start studying again for my exams the start on the 4 of January, I'll still be recovering from New Years. :lol: Other than that no real news, I became an uncle twice last month. :) Was at the first ones christening yesterday that was pretty fun seeing all the cousins and stuff again, we rarely get to see everyone like.
    Ouch, do you reckon you are going to keep playing band for a good while yet?? Like is there an age limit to when they stop or what? Ya I am the same, I am rarely on here anymore. That's awesome I am happy for ye that ye are getting there. Ahhh that sucks, maybe you should talk to him about it, or ask one of his friends to talk to him and tell him to not let her back into his life. Tell me about it, the guy that my ex was dating after me I hated soo much, mainly because he like 27 and she was 19 at the time, that really got to me, but thankfully that's over now. Its weird I have been thinking allot more about my ex the past 2 or 3 weeks, like way more than usual and have started to dream about her again. I would love the chance to see her again. Maybe next year.
    Oh that's awesome, long may it continue for ye. Hows school treating you?? Ya life is really getting on top of me lately. Just feel like shit all the time it kind of sucks. But still trying to keep happy so I guess that is something.

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    not much just super busy with uni haha, what about you?

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    Hey things are fantastic, what about you?

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    Hey sorry for the late reply, I have barely been on this in the last few weeks. How are you?
    That's not too bad I guess, at least you have the entire day ahead of you when you get out. In college some days we would be in from 9am-6pm straight. Torture. I think I would be the same to be honest, like even when it got really hard with the ex I couldn't end it. It might be for the best, it will be very hard, but nothing is impossible if you stay strong.
    Ya that can happen I guess, but everything happens for a reason, so if you are meant to get back together someday then it will happen. All we can do is live in the present and try and make the best decisions we can with the info in front of us.
    Tell me about it, mine has been all screwy for the last month. :lol: Ya that will never help like. Well as long as I can help, sorry I wasn't around when you wrote that. How are things now?

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    Awe you've been keeping count :lovey:
    So how is this bf going?

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    Nothing is impossible hun. I think I deserve a chance, I've waited how long? 14 months?

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    Don't talk about me in 3rd person silly lol.
    Are you still playing hard to get?

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    No silly, the wedding dress.

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    Hey gorgeous, have you picked out your dress yet?

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    Ewww 6am, that is inhumane, how the fuck do you manage that? See I like to stay up late and sleep in as long as possible. :p
    Ahh right ok, well its natural to still have feelings for ex's, I still have feelings for my ex and its been well over a year since we broke up. It may be best so if ye try and avoid each other because it will only cause more pain than anything else. Hmm, well my first reaction would be to stay with your current bf, but if your feelings for your ex are stronger than your feelings for him then it may be best to end things because it will destroy him if you leave it any longer. But I think if you do break up with him, I would spend some time without having a relationship to get your head straight. Like why did you and your ex break up in the first place? If ye got back together do you think you could make it work this time??

  • kopite -

    Aww that sucks, ex's can be awkward. Maybe you should both sit down and talk it out, like explain that you will need space so that you can focus on your new relationship? Does your current boyfriend know that ye dated?? It will take time but ye will get there trust me. I am a bit ehh too. I failed my 3 repeats, so I think I am going to take the year out of college and do the exams without going to class, because the final exam will be worth 100% that way rather than 60%. It sucks but maybe its just as well. Now I can save up and hopefully move in nearer to the college. I have to get a 30 minute bus everyday to get into it at the moment, and it meant getting up at like 7am. :( But other than that I am good.

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    Damn you Teen Hut for ruining our lives. :p Same, I haven't properly gone in there in ages. Yay!! :D Hows things??

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    I had a dream that you became the meanest troll ever.

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    OMG tell me about it. Where the fuck did the last year go?? It feels like it was just yesterday that we were just posting in the Games forum thingy. :p Crazy shit. Awwww damn I forgot to get you something too. I guess each others company will have to do. :p

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    Happy SLMiversary. ;)