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  • Klose -

    ما نكح تفعلون؟

  • Darling -

    i can't believe you've been perving on the post your photos thread for like 6 years now
    that's some commitment right there

  • Emily -

    [B][COLOR="Magenta"]Nice ass[/COLOR][/B]

  • Herobrine -


  • Voices of silence -

    Nice ass

  • LisaMarie1997 -

    Hi c:

  • EthanB -

    [color=red][b][size=7]stay out of the photos thread


  • EthanB -

    'Sup Scott?

  • Reprisal -

    [B]Fucking creepy faggot!![/B]

  • fatal Intentions -

    who are you?

  • EthanB -


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  • EthanB -


  • Mrs. Butterworth -

    Answer this message, Scott, or Joan will know about your secret life.

  • Sweetie123 -


  • Sweetie123 -

    Hi u single?

  • karim mind -


  • JCpatriots -

    Let's fuck bby. I want you inside me. ;)

  • Hipster -

    your more fake than dolly partons boobs

    im never talkjing to u again u poser

  • Dumb Cunt -

    Hi Egypt. I just noticed that you're the strong silent type and I really like that in a guy.:blush:
    Oops, that was really embarrassing to say, I hope you don't think I'm coming on too fast. :lovey: it's just... I really like you. I'm going to send you a friend request. please accept.

  • Hipster -

    hey can u call me pls
    i havent talked to u in a long time

  • Darling -

    you're rly cute

  • Hipster -

    wuts up dik

  • Hipster -

    dont ingore me or somthing u dick

  • Hipster -

    i noticed ur browing the cafe. can u add me pls?

  • Hipster -

    wow ur not online in so long
    wen can we talk on facebooj? its been so loooooong

  • Hipster -

    gtfo lolo33 hes all mine not urs :rmg:

  • Hipster -

    sooooo when r we ever going to spoon???? no one is wathcing we can do it rite now :shifty:

  • Hipster -

    i haerd u like giant dicks so guess what i have...... it a relly really big surprise for you :rmg::rmg::rmg:

  • Hipster -

    oohhhh baby i cant wait fr u to get back onlineee

  • Hipster -

    hi egypt!!!!! i wrot ea poem for u in my class today it was all about u...... can i write it??? u might be a lil embarased :blush::blush: