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    hey hey wot you up 2

  • Matt -

    Hehe, I don't really forget names me. ^^

    And restrictions suck if you ask me, I don't think I could stand restrictions myself, I'd always have to like work around them to get what I want (Providing its free ofcourse). I'm doing eh, I don't actually know how I am life decided to leave me confused and unsure of how I should deal with it. I'm sure something will happen to make it easier for me.

    I hope you noticed the upgrade I have compared to the last time you was on. :p

    If you didn't get it, I'm talking about my administraionship on here. :D
    Pretty neat if you ask me but I am a new Mattster, I red One.. haha, Yeah I'll shut up .>_>"

    So like yeah, you've missed TH a lot you might even get that "Wow this place is weird" feeling like some old members get.. Especially if you're from like '05/'06.

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    Find the girl who has hell lot of posts in this forum, refer to Top Posters link found in Quick Links above. Make sure that the first Visitor Message to them is from a purple coloured 4 letter name. If not then look for another girl. Now visit the 4 letter purple boy.

  • Matt -


    You're back again!! Welcome back... Again again!! It's okay..

    Aye, I like forgot back then but after like noticing you messaged me your name ran in my head and no I didn't read the comment first o_o

    I've been good, How're you this smelly christmas day?

  • Matt -

    Is it just me or do I see someone from a long long time ago?!

    Hey, erm.. *Thinks*
    Either you never said what your name was in the early age or I've just completely forgotten :(

  • Benny -

    hey wats up