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    Hey there, poop.Quite an interesting id you've got there.I stumbled across your post "I hate Indians!" recently and it egged me to join the forum and share an opinion myself.As is quite obvious by my name I am an Indian and am wondering if bad pappadums is reason enough to hate the whole nation.You should visit India if you want the real stuff(authentic indian food cooked by indian people who have their own traditional way of making the cuisines) and not some commercial restaurant.You could even ask one of your Indian friends or acquaintances(I highly doubt there are any,still)to give you a taste of real India(cheesy,I know).Besides,your whole Jewland and Indians are together is a clear indication of a narrow minded approach.If you want to hate someone get a real reason behind it and be man enough to admit it.if not find other USEFULL hobby other than hating random nationals.Admit it,it rather sounds as if a child was deprived of his favourite candy and handed a nutrition bar instead."I hate Indians",childish much.Grow up,buddy.