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  • sarah -

    Keagan! ^^

  • Erik! -

    no one is as cute as you, obviously. :lovey:

    haha, what kind of altoids? maybe i can feel the pain.

    that is one smart kid you have on your hands. he is obsessed with you - infatuated! he only does that so he can keep you to himself longer than necessary. URGH. I AM SO JEALOUS RIGHT NOW. :nono:

    and i'm working on it, promise. got a shitload of classes crap to do and so much work, but have crossed my fingers that it will work out with that company one day. promise that you will have a job and a paycheck - but get this, you won't have to do a thing.

    aw man, i hope you feel better soon.
    drink lots of apple juice! always helps me.

  • sarah -

    Ahaha, that would be the most wonderful present ever. :drool:
    And yeah. lonely sucks.:(

  • sarah -

    I know, that's why I wanted him to buy me a present, not just pull 20 bucks out of his wallet and be like "Happy Birthday". I guess I can't blame him. He doesn't know me well enough to get me anything though, I guess, haven't lived with him for awhile.

    Does this text have something to do with maybe going to Vegas tomorrow? (Which, I'm jealous, btw. =) Have fun if you go.) I'm... Okay-ish. I've been kinda lonely lately, okay though. =)

  • sarah -

    Know what's stupid? Getting money instead of presents, because that's mostly what I got. But the presents I got were lovely, as was the cake.

    How are youuu, Keagan? :D

  • sarah -

    87% and I did sleep for like 16 hours after that. XD

    Sunny Day Real Estate are good.
    And that sucks. :( My birthday was yesterday, I turned 17, had cake and all that fun shiz.

    Feel better :)

  • Alixandroid -

    [FONT=Century Gothic]Ahaha yay! I loooove them!!

    And thank youuuss :lovey:

  • Erik! -

    hahaa, i am so glad you understand. :lovey: though obviously, i knew you would.
    it's the k&e factor - no one can beat us.

    REVAMPED OBSESSIONS ARE ALWAYS THE BEST. aw man, i'm in a carrot cake thing right now. was obsessed - lost it - and now i am back in. :drool:

    my father hates my guts - after i got expelled from like my 23094-239423th school, he decided he had had enough of me and sent me here. haha, figures - i mean the only reason i acted like a douche at school was to piss him off and make him look bad. :rolleyes: sldfjpeirw. long sad pathetic story. and i was in new york. and now all the way in berlin. :o big move, haha.

    aw, you are adorable.
    i'd love to be tutored by you - though i would probably just zone off and think of our future life together instead of actually learning.

    how are you?
    how is life and all that wonderful jazz?

  • sarah -

    Ahaha, I JUST realized what your avatar was. :lovey:
    How It Feels To Be Something. :D
    Can't believe I just got that.

  • sarah -

    Yeah, I do like Something Corporate more, although anything Andrew McMahon is fine with me.
    I'm pretty good, I have an English test in 5 hours and I haven't slept in 2 days. Fml.
    How're youu?

  • sarah -

    I looove Jack's Mannequin.
    At Full Speed is one of my favorite songs ever. :lovey:

  • Erik! -

    dslfkjwperwe. i hate being poor. :rolleyes:
    ooh, nostalgic and giddy is always good! have you ever felt that if you meet someone you never really liked all that much before, or knew that well from before, like 10+ years later, you actually feel really awesome after meeting them? aha, i always have that feeling too, for some reason.

    i haven't had fruit loops in 4+ years! i can't seem to find good quality generic american cereal here. :nono: though sometimes if i am really feeling the crave, i force my friends back in the states to mail me some apple jacks.

    ooh two jobs? where?
    i work for an underground advertising agency here in berlin - i have a paid internship with them and work hours as a job alongside, as well. they deal with mostly band/singers and their publicity, flyers/posters, merch, concert venue setups, merch, etc. etc. i love it because it's exactly the company i am going to have in the future and since i am majoring in graphic design and advertising, it is good for the resume and such. only downfall is LOTS OF WORK and not enough payment, haha.


  • rebekkah -

    hey hows it going? :D love your pic, btw.

  • Alixandroid -

    [FONT=Century Gothic]Goooood :D

    I like your pic ^___^[/FONT]

  • sarah -

    I listened to Me and the Moon on repeat for 2 hours today. :zomg: XD

  • sarah -

    Never a bad thing.


  • Erik! -

    i am going to hold you on the promise forever. :lovey:
    and haha, nothing really. i have classes, then work, then classes, then work, then the occasional fun with my hobo friends on the tube coming back from or going to work/classes and then i bother my friends. :] what about you?

    i know. :( but i have no where else to take him/her, so i am keeping him/her in the spare room of the flat and have not been able to come up with a name. :cries:

    stupid managers. :nono: he probably saw how amazing you are and thought he could intimidate you into working for him. and the only present i obv. want is you, duh.
    thank you.

  • Erik! -

    no no! no leaving! :(
    i mean, i'll tag along obviously - seeing as how i am stalkerish-ly obsessed with you and terribly infatuated as well - but you still need to stay with me, okay?!!

    i got a chicken! haven't named him/her yet. have to figure out its gender - but i have no clue how to even begin to go about doing that. :confused:

    how was the job interview you had a while back? i remember you mentioning it.
    and i hope that other than that, you are doing amazingly well.
    i am waiting for you to come celebrate my birthday with me, of course.

  • rebekkah -

    ash well just try to make the most of it hopefully your cousins won't be that bad!!! and I haven't found her yet =( I don't know where else to look either.

  • rebekkah -

    hey I had fun talking to you last night lol!! did you get home okay and everything? xD

  • Erik! -

    ah yes! the proverbial stance against aids, peta support, the works! we could do those nude ads. ;) haha, aw man keagan - COME VISIT ME AND NEVER LEAVE. :lovey:

    today is my birthday, want to go out and celebrate it together?

    gross, i hate that phase. completely understand what you mean.
    i usually go out and take a long walk or something when that happens or drink something really cold to bust my teeth. how is life, miss gorgeous?

  • Erik! -


  • Erik! -

    aah, i like your idea! i love you, but I LIKE YOUR IDEA. i think that the reality show would totally put us at the top. i see magazine covers in our future!

    i think we were meant to be, i've been looking for you my entire life. :lovey:

    it's okay, but my throat hurts. and thank you so much for asking, keagan.

    HOW ARE YOU? :hugs:

  • rebekkah -

    thats good i'm doing so much better now thanks for the message :hugs:

  • Erik! -

    afterwards, we'll get together again and write an autobiography - have it published, argue over out cuts of the profit, split up - date other people to make each other jealous and viciously inept in the rest of our life and then get together again and make a feature film.
    okay? :zomg:

    i'll check out the maccabees. and i was just listening to asleep yesterday, one of the best tracks by the smiths, in my opinion. but you're right - they were ace in music.

  • Erik! -


    it's the truth though. :(
    believe me.
    and i'm hopped up on some sort of cold medication, so if that doesn't work - i'll go.
    and have i mentioned how amazing you are today?

    i'm digging the sunny day real estate avatar. ;)
    i've been listening to alot of in:aviate lately, and my music taste is usually all over the place, can't really name favourites. last week i was obsessed with bombay bicycle club and cursive.
    love those as well.

    what about you?

  • Erik! -


    it's not exactly semi anymore. :cries:
    i'm disastrously in love - what do i do now?!!

    and seriously keagan - i understand what you're saying, but sorry for the delay > yellow house. there's something about how good the song fragments is, haha.

    DAMN IN HELL i have sneezed so much that my left arm is hurting. :confused: you think it'd be okay to cut it off?@!

  • Erik! -

    of course you are - you always win. :lovey:
    but that may be biased considering i have a semi-huge crush on you.

    and it goes lsdfjkew, i've got a nasty cold.
    been blasting grizzly bear's knife for a while, so that tune is making me feel a little better.


  • rebekkah -

    hey how are you? :hugs:

  • Erik! -