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  • Papa Bear -

    hey. Kid cudi <333

  • ~ Valentina ~ -

    Thanks a lot :)

  • Muppy -

    Aww thankyou my dear :D

  • Dystroxia -

    Thanks for the moral support, Rebekkah. Haha, it sucked but it's alright, technically, it was my fault anyway.

    Also :( fingers crossed that you found your cat by now. I'm sure she'll turn up, don't worry!

  • Dystroxia -

    Likewise. And I'm actually about to leave but to my cousin's place, not home yet, because I just got guilt tripped by my friends and family to do so. :( I am dreading this, relatives suck so bad.

    I hope you are doing okay too! Did you manage to find your cat? I hope so! :)

  • Dystroxia -

    Hey. I'm doing absolutely wonderful this morning, just a little tired. How are you? :)

  • OnEMesSduPKiD -

    Lol, nothing. Saying hello since you requested me.

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  • Dystroxia -

    Hi, I do though I must warn you - I am very rarely on. :(