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  • Glamour Puss -

    Yeah, perhaps =)

  • Mama Bear -

    I know right?

  • Glamour Puss -

    Bad for you :p

  • Glamour Puss -

    In Bosnia.

  • zachariah -

    thats an interesting system. Where are you anyway?

  • Glamour Puss -

    We don't have majors here. It's one college for one thing. Economy college, medicine college etc etc. You have fixed subjects and that's it.
    I think the system there is much better.

    I don't like micro either. The professor ruined it for me. He's an idiot.
    Both micro and macro are quite easy to learn though.

  • Glamour Puss -

    Everyone is special in some way, don't ya think? So I like to ask that question. Gives people chance to brag and me a chance to possibly hear something interesting. :)

    Well, I can say that your life sounds good. That part of it, at least. :)

    I'm open-minded, fun-loving creature so I really know how to enjoy life and its opportunities. ^.~

    I'm also an economics student but that's boring :p

  • Glamour Puss -

    I'm great. A bit bored though...

    Soooo tell me...why are you special?

  • Glamour Puss -

    Hello. How are you?