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  • tokio -

    Wrote a comment on B'ni’s wall.

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    looking good pal <3
  • mitchyboo -

    Replied to the thread how often do u?.

    lol everyday
  • mitchyboo -

    Replied to the thread At what age?.

    11 i think
  • mitchyboo -

    Replied to the thread Ultimate survey for boys.

    General 1. How old are you? 16 2. Where are you from (country/state or province or county)? uk 3. What is your ethnicity? white 4. What is your sexual orientation (straight, straight but curious, bi, gay, unsure)? straight 5. Do you have a girlfriend?…
  • lonelykids -

    Liked Mirandagurl’s post in the thread Rate me please.

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    9/10 hair is good bra is good you are slim enough to look good in the top you wear do you preffer to wear a pink thong/knickers with the pink bra or are you happy with any colour?