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  • Helen Snow -

    Replied to the thread What are you wearing right now....

    I am an adult, so I can afford to dress in the clothes I want :) But I always read about the brands that I like. I even chose a car the same way: I first read about the brand and logo Alfa Romeo, and then I bought a car :)
  • philfoster -

    Posted the thread Friend's taking me to a ballroom party..

    Of all the invitations I could receive from my best friend, why does it have to be going in a ballroom party? I mean, I don’t have any negative reviews about ballroom affairs, it’s just that I don’t like it and not my thing. He said I’ll be…
  • nat07 -

    Posted the thread Dad wants me to marry someone foreign.

    I’m the only single left in my family. My dad has been very persuasive with me in looking for that special girl I’ll tie the knot with. The thing is, I’m not yet ready to be in a relationship. I think I’m still very young to deal with a lot of…
  • LoveSick038 -

    Posted the thread Do single women in Thailand like foreign guys?.

    I am planning to visit Thailand. I love the country and culture so much. I have read about many of their historical events, places, etc. However, I am quite clueless regarding their women. I really want to date a Thai girl. I am a white man and I know…
  • noveltydocs -

    Posted the thread get hold of an id or a license any of your choice.

    hey want to get some fake ids that look like the real deal or some quality fake bills or license well hit up the supplier on
  • _raven_ -

    Replied to the thread If you had an opportunity, would you start your own business?.

    Yeah, I want to have my own company someday too, probably smth connectec with food or technology, not sure exactly now :) But in my case it's a dream for a very distant future because starting your own business and moreover making it successful isn't an…
  • victoriaalexander -

    Posted the thread Bought A Maxi Dress.

    Hello Everyone, I bought a maxi dress at the decent price from this online shopping site, Femme Connection - maxi dresses online
  • mutantboy -

    Replied to the thread Has anyone attempted suicide?.

    There is no way to attempt suicide. There is only suicide. If you want to die, you suicide. An attempt is just a call for attention, and you already know before that it is not a real suicide. Sometime it can be a real failed attempt, but in that case a…
  • saveee -

    Replied to the thread I'm a nervous man.

    I'm also a nervous and quick-tempered person. I'm helped by Fenibut Nootropic drug, has a moderate tranquilizing effect, reduces the manifestations of nervous asthenia and vagovetativnye symptoms, moderately increases physical…
  • saveee -

    Replied to the thread BEST WAY TO GET GOOD GRADES.

    good study and good grades
  • jazz18 -

    Posted the thread My cousin literally got himself an internet bride.

    My cousin literally got himself an internet bride and I cannot believe it. He met her online and I never thought they would last. They kept a long distance relationship for about 2 years, finally met, and eventually moved in together. All in all,…
  • garypoulton -

    Posted the thread Hello Everyone. Suggest Bridging Loan Company UK.

    Hello Everyone :) I a newbie here. Please suggest best bridging loan companies in the UK. One of my friends suggested me this finance company - UK bridging loans I want to research more, suggest more companies.
  • Alvin00357 -

    Posted the thread Are Chongqing women religious?.

    My girlfriend and I are planning on getting married next year. It’s more of a talk of engagement because I haven’t really done the “go down on one knee and pop the question” gesture. I just said “look, I love you and I want to spend the rest of…
  • Purple_Star -

    Posted the thread If you had an opportunity, would you start your own business?.

    In my case definetely yes, I'm dreaming about my web design company! What about you?
  • lliam -

    Replied to the thread My boyfriend is a DOTA addict.

    if he's truely addicted, you can expect, that he values that game higher than you. that doesn't necessarily mean he don't love you anymore, but cause of his addiction he's kinda not able to focus on the relationship of the both of you. Supposed he's…
  • grintob -

    Wrote a comment on grintob’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    Indianapolis 500 is the topmost American race. The Verizon IndyCar Series event held annually at IMS, Indiana. Three million people will attend at the spot and the rest of the people will watch the 2018 Indy 500 live stream with or without cable TV. Read…
  • CamCam -

    Replied to the thread love advice from an international dating blog.

    We really need to be careful when doing dating online. Thats just my advice for everyone :)
  • CamCam -

    Replied to the thread Help I’m so in love!.

    I have the same situation. Getting inlove is really nice but i hope i have the guts to talk to him.
  • CamCam -

    Replied to the thread Damn im gay in long island.

    lol whats that mean?
  • Redness -

    Replied to the thread A foot fetish?.

    Quote from MadMax23: “Nothing strange, it is one of most common fetishes, look at Wikipedia ” Wikipedia’s logo is really interesting. I was looking for some additional info about its history of development and found this -…