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  • Okay thank you very much^^

  • Hi, I’m actually in a long distance relationship (pretty recent) but I would like to know your experience about it or some advice please because I feel a bit scared of it even though I’ll do my best to make it work Thank you

  • If I can tell you my opinion, I have to ideas about it,maybe she is unsure about her feelings : she thought she had feelings about you but now thinks she sees you more as a friend or maybe she likes you more as a friend and don’t want your friendship to be affected by her answer... but make her understand that this answer may be important to you and that either it’s yes or no, she should tell you about her true feelings because it makes you confused! You already told her about your feelings, whi…

  • Advice pls

    MiaaCiel - - Bisexual


    You could be bisexual (you like both genders) or homosexual (lesbian here) but nothing to worry about and don’t stress over it, try to find other boys and girls to talk with and see if you’d be more attracted by girls or boys or both. And about your professor, I think it’s not a good idea... try to meet other people that aren’t proffessors, or family... I know it’s not too easy to get over a crush but I’m sure you can do it because there are billions of great people on earth! I wish you good luc…

  • Everyone I don’t really care about how people will look at me but of course if people don’t wanna see me naked or in public places, I hide if I have to change clothes or anything. I feel like I don’t have to be ashamed of my body... it isn’t perfect of course but I’m born with it so really, I don’t care much about other people seeing me naked or almost naked

  • Sex

    MiaaCiel - - Bisexual


    Not normal at all don’t do such things if you don’t want to, really, tell her to do that alone or to get a boyfriend or friend to do that with but again, never do that if you’re not ok with it

  • Well, if I were you I would try to get over it because I would be so scared of that strange situation but I would probably first talk to my mother about it before my father, but i don’t know how would your mother react though but you would felt better talking to one of your parents I think... hope it’ll be okay! Good luck

  • Ok

    MiaaCiel - - Dating and Relationship Advice


    Thanks I’m very happy of our friendship anyways but I’ll follow your advice!

  • I cant stand her no more

    MiaaCiel - - Pregnancy


    Hi Logan, I don’t wanna sound rude or anything but your mother must be right about it and she has a good reason to be angry... about being disrespectful, sounds like you are so much more of it than your mother so yeah... She is just trying to teach you how life goes and like most parents, she is doing her best even though us kids aren’t always easy So yeah good luck and hope you’ll understand your mother