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  • before sex how important is foreplay for you?

  • Nearly half of allergic reactions occur after the first time someone has sex, but gradually disappears. Could I be allergic to my partner's sperm?

  • The increasing variety of Fintech operations in society often creates legal problems involving the legality of business entities to legal issues of consumer protection. This happens because of the lack of legal knowledge of fintech business actors and fintech users. Various fintech arrangements ranging from technological innovations in the organization of financial services and financial technology innovations related to payments and transfers as well as financing and investment. In the financin…

  • "Certainly your full cry of pleasure when you reach the climax. That's what we really want to hear.

  • You, especially the men must have experienced when the morning woke up suddenly met his penis standing by itself. Most of us may be confused about why this can happen when there is no sexual stimulation that accompanies Mr. This P before. For those who are young, the construction of the penis may not be a big problem. Of course, because the age is still young, sexual arousal is still ok and the spirit is still burning. But it is different for older men, especially in their 50s and above, having …

  • This article is dedicated to those of you who might be interested in the world of fragrances or perfumes, or who might be looking for new perfumes to use everyday at the office, school or just for show. So, in the world of fragrances there are several types of perfumes, namely niche perfume, designer perfume and artist perfume. Well this time I will explain the differences between the three types of perfume, actually there are other types of perfume such as dupe perfume produced by manufacturers…

  • According to experts the more blood flowing into the brain, the better it is for someone to think quickly. Likewise with this Waterfall sex position, which is also called the position of Head Rush fuck. Because in this one position, the husband lies on the edge of the bed while the wife sits and plays an active role in penetration. With this position the blood flow will be easier to the brain, and will certainly provide a different sensation.

  • Cowgirl position is generally better known as Woman On Top or women above. The position will prove the wife's stamina is more. Because in this position women must play an active role. This position will provide extraordinary sensation of love.

  • my name is vanessa angel almost every day mansturbation. even able to climax 5x a day. Do you like ? thanks.