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  • Do girls like sending nudes

    pauline - - Puberty


    The problem is: on the internet, someone might pretend they're a girl and they're really a guy. And some of those guys use your pic to blackmail you.

  • When you talk with her, you might want to tell her what a wonderful time you had on the two dates and how you're looking forward to seeing her again, as soon as you can. You can describe to her what a romantic third date you'd like to have with her, asking her if she likes your ideas. She can let you know what she thinks a romantic date would consist of, too (so you know what to do to make the next date a success, also). That way you're letting her know that you see her more than a friend (and h…

  • My story

    pauline - - Dating and Relationship Advice


    I would suggest working on yourself, trying to find the cause of your anxiety and depression (which you had when you were still in a relationship with your ex). She might have wanted to break things off with you (when she was flirting with the boy) but didn't want to add to your depression - until she realized she had to end the relationship. This would explain why she made out with him so soon - she had been "seeing" him for four months (but didn't do anything physical until she broke up with y…

  • Uh hi there I'm new

    pauline - - Teen Sexuality


    Welcome to Teen Hut!

  • Rumors

    pauline - - Teen Advice


    I would tell my friend, too. And I'd tell my friend who told me the rumor, so we could find out who started the rumor.

  • Your mom may say she owns whatever you buy (even if it doesn't have any parental controls) or she may take it away from you if you password protect it/lock it up yourself. (And I think most devices have the parental control option.) You may have to wait until you're old enough to move out of the house before you can have privacy, your own devices, etc., I sorry to say. When ya live with a control freak...

  • Quote from mixel19: “Hi! I tried adapting an older girls' survey so it could be taken by anyone. Hope you enjoy! ” What's the point in asking all these questions in a public forum? I'm always concerned that it can potentially get into the wrong hands and creeps will use it against the person.

  • I especially like websites that give us the option of a dark or a night mode.

  • And for straight people, too. Who knew?!

  • Am i Ugly?

    pauline - - Teen Advice


    Quote from James_is_Grounded: “i want people to give me an honest opinion. my photo is on my profile. am i ugly? i think i am and also people have told me i am. also i hate my ears because they are big and i was nicknamed Dumbo because Dumbo has big ears lol and i have some acne too. i get bullied a little and also girls do not like me much and when i tried to talk to girls they told me to go away and i was told i am not attractive, they all prefer other boys and not me. i think i am ugly and ho…

  • Quote from Andrea-xx: “i deliver the mail twice a week in the neighbourhood ” I hope it pays well. It's a good way to get exercise.

  • Quote from Kevin85: “Just curious. I’m not so far, but I’m waiting until the new assassins creed, one of my fav series. I have quite a backlog on my One, including another great game called Red Dead Redemption 2. I like those kinds of third- person RPG games, along with FPS like Fallout, which is a cult classic. ” Assassin's Creed is awesome.

  • The website now says: Sorry, this page was not found. Looks like the page you were looking for is no longer available.

  • Education

    pauline - - Debate and Discussions


    I thought it was.

  • Apprentice/trainee jobs might be a way to get our foot in the door in a company/business/organization.

  • Do you like writing essays?

    pauline - - Education & Jobs


    Quote from Purple_Star: “What's the most hard thing for you in this? ” Deciding what to write about and doing the research. (The research is more time-consuming than anything else.)

  • Bigotry, racism, homophobia

    pauline - - Teen Advice


    Quote from lliam: “just apply for mod. ” I've done that but no one ever responded.

  • Quote from Nate04: “For me when I considered in the past, the reason was my little brother. We were living in foster care and I realized that if I was gone there'd be nobody around for him, nobody to look after him, etc. Things were rarely ever good and I just thought it would be selfish to abandon my little brother like that. So in the end I didn't do anything stupid like that and I am here now. We are both here, and our situation now is much better than the awfulness it was, even relatively re…

  • My favorite sports

    pauline - - Sports


    Baseball season is just around the corner!

  • New Member

    pauline - - Friends and Family


    Quote from gayatrisc: “Hello Friends ” Just ignore the ignorant trolls. The rest of us do.