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  • SoOoO my meals are as follows: breakfast; what school serves. Lunch; what school serves. Dinner; what mom cooks. See what I mean? Plus, with braces, there is a limited. Choice of snack. Any tips? Cause seriously, I don't feel like I can.

  • So remember my previous thread??? Yeah he has been back since Christmas. SINCE CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!! I WAS ONE OF THE FOUR FRIGGIN PEOPLE WHO TALKED TO HIM AND YET...! UNLESS HE IS LYING TO ME NOW, OF CORSE WHICH IS LIKELY SEEING AS HIS PREVIOUS BEHAVIOR!!! Why????? Can any guys EXPLAIN??? CAUSE I SURE CANT!!!!! Like seriously...! then he just goes on like NORMAL like nothing ever HAPPENED!! I deleted his contact info, due to my mom's suggestion and I will see if he comes CRAWLING BACK but if not th…

  • so some of you have been following my story and know about the guy i like. Basically, He moved to another state, I got all sad, came to peace, we still talked. But there is more to the story now. I text him one day and his (gonna keep pointing out, ABUSIVE) mom text back saying his phone got taken away. To put it into simple terms, I was SHOOK. It scared the bejesus out of me and I had been worried ever since. Last week was particularly hard, god knows why, but yeah then I got brave and decided …

  • seems like this guy is simply a jerk. I hate to sound so harsh, but he just got over hanging with you quicker than an avocado gets over ripe. Maybe he got over the relationship already and just didn't want to tell you. Either way, he doesn't deserve your time anymore.

  • It sounds more like she is simply a closed off person. Ask her how she really feels about you. maybe she isn't feeling as commited to the relationship as you. its also possible that she just doesn't want to overstep her boundaries by asking about your brother. Send her a signal that you want to talk about it. If my theory is correct, she will start to talk with you, if not, well, maybe option one is correct.good luck!

  • I don't think he is playing you, but it seems that he isn't fully committed. next month, maybe text him, saying something like, "happy anniversary, baby!" and see how he reacts.also, it depends on the in between.does he talk to you? Does he act like he really cares? Maybe he simply isn't into the anniversary thing. Ask yourself these questions and then it should be very clear what needs to go down accordingly. If you decide to dump him, just know there is a whole group of people here to support …

  • oof. Sorry I couldn't be of more help. Good luck!

  • well then. Sorry to tell you man, but basically if you come out to him there is one of two ways he will take it. 1) he will be totally chill. Or 2) he will be weirded out and you guys will be in the awkward zone for a while before moving to the friend zone again. Trust me, both have happened to me. With the same dude, in different points in our relationship. My big mouth is always honest with him, so I always say the awkward stuff, but you don't have to unless you want to. Regaurding your questi…

  • Uh haha I actually do that lol sorry, on account of all girls who do that, but I would say, don't try to dodge the smacks or whatever, just kinda tell them "hey, that kinda hurts, so do you think you could stop doing that?" and she will most likely blush and be like, " oh I'm sorry haha I didn't mean to hurt you." and that will end it. best of luck!

  • 1. look dude, as a girl, ima just say. If she was talking about you, and you "broke her heart" I mean, she still likes you, duh. Just talk to her and tell her you like her. Leave a note in her locker. A secret admirer letter, even. Just let her know you LIKE HER. I talked to my crush about my now ex all the time!! Us girls are kinda weird like that. It was basically, you had your chance, now with another guy even tho I still really like you, so boo. Eventually I told him everything, and even tol…

  • OOF. I am having a hard time getting over someone my self, so I know how hard it can be. Seeing from what you have said, she doesn't seem like the nicest person to be with anyway. Try to find someone else, and if you can't then just remember that crushes don't last forever. It will eventually fade away, and you can be happy again.

  • So, some of you may remember a post I made a while back. I was talking about this guy I like and have grown to love and has become one of my dearest friends. The thing is, I haven't been the same since he moved to North Dakota. I will have periods of sadness on a daily basis, and when I have a romantic interaction of any sort, I dream about him that night. I legit cannot get over him, although he never liked me back and we never dated. I am starting to wonder if he is my first love, or if I just…

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  • hey guys. So... I have this friend. She is my bff and has been for at least a year. One day, she says, "I have something to tell you." "Okay wassup?" "Promise not to treat me any different?" "Yeah, of course!" "I'm bisexual." Wasn't a big deal. Then I got to thinking. We do a lot of things that could be labeled as "flirting" If she was a guy. One example is the other day, she said her hands we're cold, so I let her put her hands in my mittens with mine. (The mittens part can detach if you need t…

  • any time!

  • ooh that's tough... You obviously can't be with them both.. Methinks you have a good thing going right now. Let it run its course, because you may regret breaking it off now. Just tell your friend you want to wait and see what happens with your bf and then you will react accordingly. Good luck!

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    I am a female, with brown hair and eyes with tan skin. I am 5"4 and have a little fat around my belly. I wear glasses and have braces. Plz rate my description and then I'll post a pic

  • tbh I just want a sweet, geeky guy that gets me. All you guys that don't get the girls are obviously chasing the wrong girls or the ones who haven't opened their eyes yet. Trust me, you'll all find someone!

  • htf do girls masturbate?

  • if everyone thought like that, then there would be no people on Broadway left! Chase your dreams, Moana!