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  • Ok, my sister is 18. We get along ok, but disagree on a lot of stuff. Anyway, last night she was upstairs and we were standing facing each other in the doorway and she goes, 'Hmm, little bro, I'm taller than you." I'm like, "NO Sheryl, you're not!" She's all yeah I am, look, 5'7, see?" And she measures across with her ahnd from the top of her head to mine. I told her she was full of it. I'd always sworn that when we're face to face, I'm looking down at her. Sure of it. So she goes, 'Let's go ask…

  • Thanks. Well yeah, I DO try to avoid the smacks from them, but I can't. It's impossible

  • How can u block these girls smacks? It's not serious...they're all flirty faced, but still, I can't block ANY of em, or catch their hand. Can't even move, uggh! They're all smiling and "haha!" after it happens. I'm cool with em...but is there any way to block those from girls like that? How???