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  • any locals here

    bighands - - Introduce Yourself


    Hey there. Im new here so I'll keep it short for now. Are there any other Aussie guys here? Guys only?

  • I'm worried about my penis size...

    bighands - - Puberty


    Quote from Gloria: “Ok, not small. But hope that it grows at least 2 cm. ” its comments like this and her earlier one that give guys a complex!!!! how fucken big do you want a 13 y.o to be? Is your vagina SOOOO cavernous that it cant take anything smaller than a baseball bat. Honestly girls if you cant say anything positive or constructive then please let us guys deal with OUR issues. Dude your cock is TOTALLY NORMAL!!!!! n dont let anyone say otherwise!!!

  • Quote from BobbyBlobs: “OK, deal is, it's important to me. If you have ideas, post them. If not, shut up. ” hey im new here n going through the diff surveys for guys only....why are there so many girls answering n not just answering but being bitches..... Im with you man, either answer the Q respectfully or just fuck off!!!!! Dude im a wank expert hehe n i have heaps of techniques that i learnt from another site (non porn site)... send me a message n i"ll tell you privately otherwise the girls h…