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  • I Love to do modelling

    Cloutgod - - Glamour and Fashion


    Hi I don’t think you need surgery for modeling just take a look at today’s top models. Gigi hadid, Bella hadid, Kendall Jenner,and a bunch of other models which have small breasts. I mean personally I believe small breasts have incorporated their way into the modeling industry. I see them everywhere on different models, so I really don’t think surgery is necessary. (I mean you could always send me pictures and I could rate them for you lol jk)

  • Quote from JoeXX: “hello , who is in your opinion the most popular/famous/all-girls-aspire-to-be-like teenage girl in the world right now? (Aged 17 or younger) Could you give me some names (age 17 or younger)? I'm sure a few years ago probably it was selena gomez (but now she is 25). I'm talking about popular famous idol girls aged 17 or younger. Like the Marilyn Monroe of teenage girls in 2017, who is it? I'm sure a lot of you will say: ME!! but yes of course, I mean who comes in second place a…