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  • Quote from Player19: “I'm worried, ... I hope me being athletic will be enough to *block*the smack of one of em...especially cuz I'm seeing this cute blonde chick....and I don't wanna end up frozen like they did...her face is cute, aww! ” I hope you don't plan on doing something that would "deserve" a slap in the face. My advice to girls: Don't slap players. They aren't worth hurting your hand over. Also, guys may just stand there and look at you because they can see your breasts move when you p…

  • Yes, you should fess up! You should tell the truth. And you shouldn't want to beat her up, regardless of who's taller.

  • It's normal for your body to change during your teenage years and you may be genetically predisposed to have more weight around your abdomen and thighs. I know it may feel unusual (as you're used to being slimmer as a child) but your body will adjust as you become a woman. It's normal for a lot of ladies to have more weight above the knee and below the waist. Sometimes working out just replaces our fat with muscle. We may look slightly slimmer but our weight may not change. The BMI (and similar …

  • I'm sorry I don't know of any designing apps but the ones you mentioned sound very good. I admire anyone who designs clothes! It always seemed rather difficult to me, but I'm sure the apps help a lot.

  • Rate Meee

    pauline - - Rate Me


    I think you have a lovely smile, excellent complexion, a "clean wholesome" look. Your hair is lovely and long, too. And most importantly of all, you look like a nice person. And that's the best look of all.

  • Should I kick my BF in the balls

    pauline - - Teen Advice


    If you have to ask the question, I think you already know the answer. But I agree with Benni90er. Your boyfriend (hopefully soon to be ex-boyfriend) isn't worth it. And if there's such a thing as a life review (after we die) and we experience all the pain and happiness we caused others to feel (during our lifetime), you wouldn't want to feel the pain of being kicked in the balls, in your afterlife. He's not worth it. I would suggest using that energy to find a better boyfriend. However, you migh…

  • appointment at hospital

    pauline - - Teen Advice


    It's perfectly natural to be anxious. The unknown is often scary. Is there a phone number or an email address (on the letter) that you could contact to ask questions? If not, is there a Cancer Society office in your area that you could call and ask? might be of help if there isn't anyone you can talk to. I'm so glad your surgery and post surgical treatments …

  • Hi. Welcome to Teen Hut.

  • She might think you're a player and a lot of girls aren't comfortable hanging out with players. At least you were honest with her. She might come around eventually. Just be honest, be yourself, be respectful.

  • Quote from Aikoncom: “i have similar problem i work in a shop during weekend and there is a guy a specialist from veka upvc and i really like him and dont know what to do ” You could always start a conversation by saying hi and telling him about a movie/TV show you recently saw and liked and was wondering if he saw it. (Or it could be a band you saw or an album you just discovered.) If he didn't, you can always ask him what his favorite band/music is or has he seen any good movies lately. (You'r…

  • Even though it isn't 2015 anymore, I saw Blood + (it's also anime) and I liked it. You might like to watch or read "Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events". A lot of people say the books are more scary/depressing but some people like that. I saw the movie and I've watched some of the series so far. I liked them both.

  • You give good advice! Thank you. I hope your words can help someone to choose life.

  • I thought that was an excellent post. Thank you. I hope people who are thinking about divorce, have gone through it, or have parents who are divorced/maybe should divorce will read your post. It was very well thought-out.

  • Love

    pauline - - Depression, Self Harm and Suicide


    It's been a while since you posted. I'm new here so I only just read your post. How have you been? I'm so sorry you lost your grandma. Why do you think you're ugly? I hope things started to "come together" for you since you posted your message. Please write back if you'd like.

  • It can help

    pauline - - Depression, Self Harm and Suicide


    Hi Paul, it would be great if someone doesn't feel comfortable communicating with a person. At least the Aimon wouldn't be mean to someone. I like to "talk" with real people but good luck with your application.

  • If you're still in school, I would suggest asking if you could see the nurse and explain what you experience. If you're not in school, I would suggest making an appointment to see a general doctor/general practitioner/family doctor and explain what you're going through. If necessary, they can refer you to a specialist who can help you. You're not alone.

  • I would suggest letting him know by text or talk to him on the phone, explaining what happened and how you get PTSD. I'm sure he'll understand. If you're not comfortable being with him right now, you can still keep in touch, letting him know you care and you're thinking about him. Then when you feel you're able to visit him again, you can see him. If you find it is still stressful for you, at least he'll know why you may need to leave/can't stay with him for too long.

  • If you call the prevention hotline, you might be able to speak to him. If he's not there, maybe you can explain what you're feeling again and they can help you understand what's going on.

  • Bad day?

    pauline - - Depression, Self Harm and Suicide


    That's nice of you to offer.

  • Passive-aggressive is almost just as bad. It can be a means of manipulating someone. Maybe even playing mind-games with that person. A good boyfriend doesn't (or shouldn't) do that. It's a big deal to the boy. He just stands there and lets the girl do all the work. He gets to have an orgasm with very little effort on his part. You're not being a prude. If anyone calls you that (or makes fun of you), that's on them. They're trying to insult you so you'll do what they want. That's manipulation and…