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  • Hi all

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    me, if you want to dm me.

  • Hey

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    hi, i have been sick the past few days but today i feel much better. i am listening to the weeknd

  • girls are complicated so i feel your pain. talk to her straight up and just be like "so I heard from your friends etc" "you should have told me because I thought this guy was someone else etc" also be prepared for some negatives from her like: "well i found someone else" "I'm still not dating anyone rn" "you should have known what I meant". oh and, I'm a girl and once upon a time a dude broke my heart and I was all "I'm NEVER going to date anyone rn. Im done with guys." I didn't really mean any …

  • Christmas

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    Merry Christmas. This one goes out to all those people (like me) who have no where to go this Christmas. This is for people that don't have family or friends to celebrate with, or who have friends that show off their gifts to you. For those who got cash but have to spend it on bills. The list can go on, but I'm going to leave it at that. My thoughts are with you, hope you're doing ok. Merry Christmas

  • Hi. (coming from a person who has depression, MDD.) If I were you I would tell someone as soon as I could, and try to expect the possible responses from people who know. (the responses could be negative) It's great that you've noticed your problem, I'm not really sure what your options would be since I've never had this type of addiction. (I've taken fluoxetine up to 40mg) Since you say you're afraid of the options to take because you may not like those options; what I can say is yes, you may no…

  • last book I read was "Twilight". and no it wasn't a long a$$ time ago, I love the book and read it again a couple months ago (it can lay flat on my table). Oh and before that it was "The Great Gatsby"

  • Friends [Help]

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    So, the neighbors across from me have a couple of kids. One is like 20 something (a boy) [not for me], one is my age 17 or 18 I think (a boy) [I'm 17], another is a year younger than me (shes a girl). I've lived in this one house for YEARS and so have they. When we first moved in [I was 14 or 15?] I noticed the dude (the one who is my age I forget his name) was always looking at me and always said hey when I was outside. BUT AFTER THAT, HE DISAPPEARED. Idk where he went or if I just never saw hi…

  • (Feel free to reply or not reply, up to you) I woke up today and I felt like I wanted to go back to sleep just so I couldn't feel anything. When youre asleep its dark and nothing happens sometimes you dream but I dont. I think I just dont have any imagination left to dream anymore. I didn't really know what I was going to do today but I was laying in bed and all the sudden almost 2 hours went by. I'm having a very hard time getting a grasp on the day or what time it is. I was trying to remember …

  • Thank you for the reply Davidtexas78666. That's the nicest thing someone has said to me this week.

  • rate mee

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    I'd say a 7. Odd camera angle but thats ok. (I'm not usually attracted to blondes but I know thats not your fault so thats why I resorted to a 7)

  • I don't know if this is going to be long or short (its long) but I have some ^insert title from above^. First, a few days ago someone in my family has read my journal because they completely dropped it and it came apart and they put it back. I write very personal depressing things in there and ever since, I've just hit a wall. I don't trust my family anymore. Them reading it has completely destroyed me. Second, I don't have any friends. I have 1 best friend but she lives in another state now and…