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  • As I say to everyone chat with me. Help is there. It’s just some people don’t know how to go about getting it? I’ve had a few problems and hit forums like this. Ended up having a chat with a random stranger across the globe. And he or she gave some good advice.

  • That’s a tragic shame? This young man at 19yo. He had his whole life ahead of him. I don’t have a problem chatting with others. In this situation. Just remember this will be an anonymous chat. You just have to telll me your problem. I’m not so sure that I will be able to give the correct answers. We can chat in private messages. If that’s what you want. You don’t have to put all of your private details up here. About your problems. Just a brief outline of your problem.

  • Quote from TheBetaFox: “Err, let's go with the Christian way, even if I am a Crevolutionist (one that believes that the Universe was created by a God-like entity, but then it evolved by itself). So, they say Adam and Eve were the only humans, and they had children. If there weren't any other families, then.. Wouldn't the children have to breed with eachother? 1. Sorry if this has been mentioned before in the thread, since I didn't fully read it, and 2. Incest should be fully illegal unless there…

  • Football Jock

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    Quote from xman: “fuck him as long a S you enjoy ” Quote from BiBoy123: “How did the conversation go from talking about a project to making out to having sex? Just want to know as I want to do it ”

  • Anyone (gay only)

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    Quote from Hulmedoug: “I’m gay I want a spanking ” well if your gay and want spanking where do I find you? I’m up for spanking and more with anyone 16yo or older in the uk?

  • A joke that might be funny

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    Quote from Emily: “Ummmmmm ” look we all know that a women is better than a man? They multi task very well?

  • Like who is actually going to admit to shitting themselves at school? And that’s male or female?

  • Lads dating

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    Hi all I’m seeking views on young lads. That are young adults who wish to date older? who thinks it’s right or wrong.

  • Incest

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    I’ve read on a few places on the internet. Where some people think incest is ok. If that’s approved of. Then we may as well get rid of such laws to have sex with school children. As there are 1000’s on here all wanting to experience or experiment with older. Like quite a few have said on here. As long as everyone is agreeable to it. What’s the harm in it?

  • my son 16

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    You may very well have a son who will soon be 16, And yes he may very well want his own car. Why on earth atr you still wiping his backside. Personally I would not be asking about insurance policies there are for minors. I’d be letting him take care of that. I mean when he wants a piss do you go for him. You have to have some stern words with him. If he does not want to do anything, And I most certainly would not be there to solve all the issues for him .... mellow.png