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  • Any Wrestlers?

    DeanKekman - - Sports


    Joining this coming season! Really excited!

  • Dexter Thread!

    DeanKekman - - Films, TV and Books


    Discuss everything Dexter related here! Spoilers should have a (Hidden Content) giphy.gif giphy.gif

  • Subie WRX STI I'm a bit biased to subaru because I own one Pic related 23476947_1755640397840631_1350677228_n.png

  • Who is your favorite WWE Superstar

    DeanKekman - - Sports


    I like Bryan Danielson's ROH stuff before he turned into Benoit 2.0 Benoit is good too tbh

  • What are You Listening To?

    DeanKekman - - Music

    Post working on a guitar cover for this so I'm studying it non-stop

  • "Growing Taller"

    DeanKekman - - Chit Chat


    I'm 5'6 and really upset about my height. I'll never get taller, because I'm taller than most of my immediate family If anyone has any height increasing remedies that actually work, please tell me. I'm in desperate need.

  • Best Winter sport?

    DeanKekman - - Food, Health and Fitness


    I'm gonna be doing my first year of wrestling this year. I was told training is very similar to military training, so I'm a bit nervous, but let's see where things take me.

  • Heyo

    DeanKekman - - Introduce Yourself


    Hey everyone, I'm Dean. I'm interested in becoming part of the community. My interests include the following: Cars(Custom and tuning parts), Wrestling(Fighting sports in general), Music(Rock and punk, mostly guitar stuff), Fashion(Mostly styles and looks that people choose to have), And I know a lot about computers, crime, and law, so I can be your go-to guy for that type of stuff if you'd like!