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Advice pleeeease

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Where do broken hearts go?

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Thinking of buying my gf abroad jewelry, is it too much?

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Planning to visit my Ukrainian girlfriend

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How to open up to women online that I am divorced and a father of two?

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My girlfriend’s family doesn’t approve of our online relationship

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I’ve been in a relationship with a woman from the Philippines for 3 years now. We met online through a website called A Foreign Affair which was recommended to me through colleagues. I’m pretty bad at social interaction, which made it pretty hard for me t

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How to break to my college-age daughters that I'm dating someone their age??!! Please help

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How to Stay Happy in a Long Relationship

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Do Not Miss Out on This

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Never Worry About Meeting Women Again!

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5 Tricks to Make Her Yours

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A guy asked me out and I said I feel bad what should I do?

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Should i date my fellow teen?

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Don't wanna be cheated on

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Abusive Relationships and Teen Dating Violence

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Nala Bloom

Which magazines do you read for dating and relationship advice?

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Do mail order bride really exist?

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Ex Gf Help

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