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Relationship advice

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Discord Server!

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Mike Jonson

Sexual assault experience

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An international dating blog I can relate to

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Which wedding theme is better?

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My brother's girlfriend is in love with me

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I guess we're a perfect match

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Awkward Situation during a tour...

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Need advice about a breakup

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I want kids but my girlfriend doesn't want them... what should I do?

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Marrying someone I met through online...

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I’m scared to travel by air but I want to see my gf. Help!

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My gf is thinking about moving here and I’m not ready. Help?

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Girlfriend is inviting me as her date for a wedding. Should I go?

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Help!! Which woman do I choose!?!?

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My kids refuse to accept my girlfriend. What do I do?

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Dad wants me to try mail order bride websites.

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Looking to find Filipina girl to marry and trying mail order websites. Should I pursue?

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My gf’s dad is the same age as me. Awkward but need advice

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