friend x boy x sister

    • friend x boy x sister

      What would you do if you had name a new friend this year and in the course of this year she started a dating a guy in the same class as the both of us. Their relationship is very private and they don't openly kiss and cuddle all the time but I get the impression they are both very close. Then their are rumors all over school that your sister is sleeping with this guy. Your friend confronts you in a state and asks if this is true. You answer - honestly - that you don't know but you definitely don't think its something your sis would do. You go home anyway and decide to ask. Your sister admits that she has been sleeping with him but only because she is completely in love with him and she's guilty but she would rather be with him like this than not at all. Now it is months later and you haven't told your friend a) because you know she's happy with this guy and you don't want to hurt her b) you promised your sis you'd not say a word and she's going to university in a few months - you don't want her to go away hating you! c) the guy doesn't know you know (sis wasn't supposed to say - she's told you in confidence) d) you're not brave enough to shatter their relationship - your not close enough to this friend to know if she'll be ok or not :/ e) you don't want to get involved due to a cowardly disposition - if the friend hates sis for what she's done - will she's done - will she hate me? - I'm just a coward - there it is.

      I'm upset for my poor friend - this guy is obviously not good enough - he's been this way with another girl before - though not sleeping with her I think. Then again he has a lot of issues as a bi-polar(depressive) and I don't know enough about that whole thing to know if he's a skeez-bag or dealing with a lot of emotional baggage and making questionable choices. I don't want my sister to hate me as we're VERY close - it would be horrible to betray her trust - especially as she is obviously SO in love with him. He has also told sis that although he feels torn between her and my friend he can't walk away from his relationship with friend - with makes me think my sis is being led on. I've told her this but she refuses to believe it and gets mad - she keeps talking about it being long term - him going to university with her next year ( my sis to a year older than all of us ) and getting a flat with him! I don't know what to do. Right now I'm blanking it out - pretending sis never told me. But I feel like such a traitor caught in a tangle between the three - whatever I do someone will hate me or be hurt. so do I leave it as a stupid teen-love problem or do i act and risk ruining one thing or another? Please help me out! x