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    • Financial Aid Help

      So I'm kinda fucked, well not really, but I'm supposedly taking 12 grand worth of loans this coming school year and $5980 of that is parent plus loans. i'm not sure whether my dad is qualified for it, he said he woudln't be able to since he has bad credit, but his credit is supposedly going up now so i'm not so sure anymore and neither is he. I would like to know if there is any possible way that i could get that loan instead of my dad? i heard from someone that if my dad gets denied for the loan, that i could take it, is this true? i need to know soon because if there is no way that i can take that $5980 loan that my dad is offered then i'm kinda screwed, but i think i can find a way to get my dad to pay half of that 6 grand since college is paid by semesters. let me know of ideas please, and try avoid telling me to go to a private loan company because they need a credit check and a co signer which i don't have.