Latest Adult Hindi Jokes, Non Veg Jokes in Hindi

    • Latest Adult Hindi Jokes, Non Veg Jokes in Hindi

      # AIDS Awareness: Try different positions with the same woman instead of the same position with different women. Plz pass it on to all careless fuckers. I just did.:wink:

      # Pappu Bank se 50,000 Rs lene gaya. 500 k note nahi si. Lady cashier: Aap so (100) k le loge?
      Pappu: Tussi deyo ta sahi, asi khare-khare hi lai-leyaangey.:D

      # What is the Similarity between VIAGRA & Goverment Offices?
      Dono aapko 2 minute k Kaam k liye ek Ghanta khada rakhtey hain.

      # Similarities between BRA and BAR.
      Both have same alphabets. Both r drinkin zones. Both have restriction time of closing and openin. When open, both drive men crazy!:kiss:

      # God asked Women: Did I make a Mistake in Designing Men?
      Women: It's OK Except that the "JOY STICK" meant for us is not Detachable.

      # Todays generation: Six year old boy to a four year old boy: Dude, I found a condom in the balcony.
      Four year old boy: What's a balcony ?

      # Thought for the day: Fuck a girl & she'll love you... Love a girl & she'll fuck you!

      # Suhag raat ko dulha bola: Priye bolo, aaj tujhe chand pe le jaun ya taaron me?
      Dulhan: Pehle apna Rocket dikhao, phir decide karungi.:wink:

      # Q: Why is it good for young boys to read Playboy & Penthouse?
      A: It improves hand-eye coordination.

      # AIDS awareness slogan: Either use First Hand or Just Hand.:rofl::rofl:

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