Spain isn't the best world champion!!!

    • Spain isn't the best world champion!!!

      At the moment I have to say, that the world cup winners aren't the best you are wishing for.

      2006 was Italia the most unpopular world champion ever. They played so bad football and had so much luck. The whole world (some Italians, too..) didn't like thier football.

      Now in 2010 Spain played not the badest football. They have very good players (Casillas, Puyol, Pique, Ramos, Xavi, Iniesta, Villa..) and if you just look on them you definatley have to say, they are the best team on world.

      But at the round of 16:
      1 - 0 against Portugal
      They played not bad, but just scored 1 goal. Portugal had to do 2 goals and so it was a bit of luck for Spain, too.

      1 - 0 against Paraguay
      This was so hard for Paraguay. If everything went correctly in the match, Paraguay maybe had reached the semi finals. They scored a correct goal, but the referee made his decission: offside. Not correct and no hand, how the Spains after the game said. Then penalty for Paraguay. A good save from Casillas, best goal keeper on earth. But if the referee watched better, he could see, that Pique and Puyol were 5 meters in the penalty area. The penalty kick had to make a second time. Very hard for Paraguay. If this two decissions were made correctly, it would be 2 - 1 for Paraguay.

      1 - 0 against Germany
      In this semi-final they played a very good football, but just scored one goal. Boring!!!

      1 - 0 against the Netherlands.
      I wouldn't say, the Dutch played better in this game. But if you look at their results (2-1 ; 2-1 ; 3-2) you know, that they played more offensive and cooler to look. And the goal from Iniesta was luck, too: The free kick from Sneijder was deflected by a Spain player. It had to be a corner for the Netherlands. But Casillas got the ball played it wide into the front and Iniesta scored (after a good combination, that's true).

      No this is my question:
      Who wants to see a world champion playing soccer with four times as result: 1-0? I don't do. It makes soccer boring, but it will be my favourite sport for ever.. xD

      Hope you could this question with me..

      P.S.: If you find grammatical mistakes, you could keep them. :D Sorry, but I'm german^^
    • Re: Spain isn't the best world champion!!!

      Agree :)
      Germany deserved to win this World Cup.
      Even though I don't like their team, they were the best. Their game was really impressive.
      The Spanish team were the best 2 years ago when they won the European Cup, then they deserved it.

      All in all, the World Cup was boring :) I was waiting for something special...but...
      I liked only several matches: Germany vs Argentina and Ghana vs Uruguay :)