went out w/ my bestie and it all went downhill...

    • went out w/ my bestie and it all went downhill...

      So me and one of my 2 best-est friends in the whole world went out. (The other iz a chick & im not lez..).

      So me and Tony have been best friends since around October of last year. The day we met, we had an instant connection. We would talk from the time we both got home from school till the sun came up the next day (on the weekends haha..)
      but we spend countless hours talking to each other about music and just random things. Its the best! I like to stay up late.. it think he and i have Insomnia..

      anyway.. So we went out for a little while during the school year, and the idea of it was great! I mean, i was going out with the only person that i had a perfect connection with! But in reality, the relationship was really awkward... Like we would only hug once in a while, and they'd be really short & a bit emotionless..
      He's emo, but he's hella kewl & awesome & adorable & smart... and,. just perfect.. Since day 1, ive been the person he's always come to to fix his probs.. i love helping him (and anyone else who comes to me..)

      so to make this shorter, we broke up after like 2 weeks because i wanted more outta the relationship i guess.. (we never even held hands.... yeah.. that suck'd)

      So we're still best friends.. but now he goes out with this gurl Siani.. and theyre great together.. theyre both really depressed people who somehow manage to make each other happy.

      But those two being together is seriously bothering me.. i dunno why.
      I hav a bf, but he's away in Georgia until like October or November..

      Why am i so opposed to these two being together ? Is this what jealousy feels like? idk.. ugh, i hate not knowing ... :confused::nono::confused:
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    • Re: went out w/ my bestie and it all went downhill...

      That is exactly what you're experiencing, jealousy. Honestly, I think it would be best if you left the situation alone, only after you've explained your feelings. You're not trying to make things complicated for him though, so hopefully you can respect his relationship and understand his happiness. I promise, it will pass in time, it just takes patience.

      Also, you need to take your relationship into consideration. You're experiencing feelings for your ex and you're currently dating. Be sure you're ready for another relationship before you lead your current boyfriend along any further.