he told her he misses me, but now im seeing someone HELP :(

    • he told her he misses me, but now im seeing someone HELP :(

      Long story short. i was seeing a guy on and off for two years, when he pissed off for an entire year and waltzed back into my life like nothing changed. #1 everything changed, he completly effed me up when he left, but aparently i was the one that "hurt him" and it took him ages to get over me and when he did he took it really slow. #2 he changed from the nicest guy ever, to a "any holes a goal" prick. THEN when hes back in my life, he starts the biggest argument ever, about me lieing to him. Which i did do, but it was about how long since id slept with someone, but i didnt think it was any off his business. He pissed off for a year, and what? expects me to drop everything, whilst he is still sleeping with people?. So to be honest, i knew what i had to do a long time ago, but it was one of the hardest things ive ever done. Cut him out of my life, realised id made a mistake, asked him to be just friends and he didnt reply. He told my friend who works with him that he "isnt intrested" anymore, bewt. So i move on whatever, start seeing someone, which is going good, then today my friend tells me he randomly said he missed me, she asked how much out of ten, he said eight. So i really wish she didnt tell me cos now im back to square one, i reallly miss him but it happens everytime. The arguments, then the leaving, then the coming back - theres only so much i can take. But im with someone who really likes me and really wants to make things work, but in the back of my mind im always gonna think about things like "does he still think bout me?" "will he come back?" What would you do? Like i really do want to make things work with the current one, but how do i finally get over it. I could go see him, but wouldnt that make things worse? :(
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      don't do this to yourself. it seems as if he just wants what he can't have when it comes to you. and while i understand that you are very hurt and vulnerable, especially considering your history and everything - i still think that you should only think for yourself. just do whatever you want to do, and if you want to protect yourself, then staying away from him is the best way to go.

      you need to realise that you are obviously above the shit that he puts you through and you deserve so much better than that. just be selfish and think only of yourself - don't get roped back in.