• What do you guys think of Marijuana? I think it may help me... I think theres enough said about it... Whats the high like? Does anyone know about headies? i think thats what its called. My friend said he can sell me a gram of headies i think he said it was, for like 35 dollars. Is that overpriced? Do you reccomend me to use these drugs?
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      $35 for a gram is a rip off if you are a first time smoker. You run the risk of not getting high the first time and wasting all that money/bud, not to mention that your tolerance is low and you should make the best of it while you can. There's no need to smoke ridiculous weed your first couple of times, stick to mids and get that shit for 10 a gram.

      Now, would I recommend it? Why not. Everyone should smoke at least once. It's not going to hurt you to try it. Where you go from there is your choice.
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      i smoked weed for 7 years, good chronic skunk weed as well and I can say that there are more negative things about it that positive. For most people it strips motivation away, the enthusiasm to do certain things. It CAN make you more creative when it comes to music art etc, but even then you can become too lazy. It CAN bring out under lying mental disorders you may have but does not fabricate them out of nothingness.
      To me, the high is pretty much nothing as I use to do so man other substances that when you are under their influence, you really know it as it is in your face so to speak. Weed is mild and just chilling, unless you get a strain that induces a 'high' feeling instead of a stoned one.

      I would say personally that weed is okay in moderation, like most things, special occasions maybe, but if you do it on a regular basis it can cause a variety of problems. After all, it is smoking and most people smoke blunts or joints which has no filter what so ever so eating it would be the best way to do it if you were health conscious. Eating weed also affects you a lot more, but you have to include it with a dairy product for the THC to actually do its job in your digestive tract, so baking it in a cake is a great idea.

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      haha, 35 dollars a gram... manwhen me and my friend first got some weed from a guy in school, (we were 13) they bumped us right off. We bought a 10 bag which back then was meant to be 1.8 for £10, but we got like a small spliff hahaha. So naive
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      Drugs are not much useful for controlling stress, if you are really much frustrated by anything then have lot of drinks and rest at home, if u cant manage that situation in ur home, go to ur friends block, or any other place where you can rest.
      I've used much type of drugs like BS, cocaine. but they really make habitual for them, after all if you are buying drugs, always be confirm that you are not habitual drug addict.
      That was much harder for me to leave addiction.
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      Been smoking for 3 years now.. I think its helped me, just a little, but its given me memory loss.. Headies are usually good weed, but when someone says they have headies, its usually midds.. Your probably going to get ripped off, only because u may not know what ur talking about.. Look at the budd, if its sticky, got crystals, and a nice green then its headies.. If its dried, brown, and little to no visible crystals then its midds..

      And BLINK-182 is a great band, saw them live last year w/ weezer and taking back sunday.. we had some good HEADIES for that concert..

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      Dr.Carter wrote:

      Now, would I recommend it? Why not. Everyone should smoke at least once. It's not going to hurt you to try it.

      That is the absolute worse advice I've ever read on these forums.

      "It's not going to hurt you to try it."

      :rofl: wow.
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      Its no doupt a ripoff.. I wouldnt pay 35 a g for named shit, legit good cali shit.. Tell him you'd do 20, thats what I pay for decent headies.. The cat's gotta make a profit, chances are he paid like 10 and is gunna pass the shit off as headies.. Like I said, 80% of the time I bought, the guy was blabing on a bout how its headies, shits never headies in my opinion
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      unrealgy wrote:

      Keep away from that stuff, i have a friend who is addicted to it, he tried it and never looked back. NO NO NO
      There's no evidence that marijuana is addictive at all. Most people that have used it (including myself) agree it's not.

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