The best/most random advice

    • The best/most random advice

      I saw a thread like this in DSF -production, and I thought the idea carried over to life in general pretty well. So no I'm setting up my first semi spam topic, hooray!

      What's the most helpful and/or random bit of advice you've been given?

      For me it was when I had a conversation with a crazy drunk guy at the bus stop,
      as I was leaving after our talk, he told me to never let anyone step on me, he told me they could beat me up, stab me, try to break my heart, but never let anyone step on me, because humans have small feet. This was at a time when I was getting into a lot of fights, and actually I was recovering from a loss. So now I never back down or do anything I don't want to without a fight, and I always give life 110, because losing is a lot better than not playing.

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      Not sure what is the best advice I've been given because I've been given GREAT advice by a lot of people but one that sticks out right now is basically " If you don't hunch over people can't get on your back."
      Also, " If your words aren't more beautiful than silence, why tell them?"

      And... " SWEEP THE LEG JUANITO!" :P
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      "Unless you did that intentionally, you should probably pull your underwear out of your sock."

      I was walking to school one morning and there was a girl that I was vaguely acquainted with who walked past me. As she did, I happened to look down and noticed that she was wearing pants, with a blue g-string trailing out the cuff. I don't know if she got dressed in the dark, or what. I think that I would have a hard time NOT noticing that, but who knows. Anyway, her face turned bright red and she quickly grabbed it and stuffed it in her backpack before apologizing to me sheepishly.