• I’ve read on a few places on the internet. Where some people think incest is ok. If that’s approved of. Then we may as well get rid of such laws to have sex with school children. As there are 1000’s on here all wanting to experience or experiment with older. Like quite a few have said on here. As long as everyone is agreeable to it. What’s the harm in it?
    • I personally don't mind it. It's seen just as homosexuality was at one point. Sex and relationships doesn't equal having children and I think that's what shuts people off about it often. I do have a problem with heterosexual incestuous couples trying to have children because that's just not fair to the kid (as the likelihood of the kid being born with a disability is much higher), but just being in a consensual relationship with consensual sex? I personally see nothing wrong with it.
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      I honestly just wanna live, man. I hope I can find a way to do that.
    • Incest was Adam and Eve guilty of it

      TheBetaFox wrote:

      Err, let's go with the Christian way, even if I am a Crevolutionist (one that believes that the Universe was created by a God-like entity, but then it evolved by itself).
      So, they say Adam and Eve were the only humans, and they had children. If there weren't any other families, then.. Wouldn't the children have to breed with eachother?
      1. Sorry if this has been mentioned before in the thread, since I didn't fully read it,
      and 2. Incest should be fully illegal unless there are only 2 humans in these world and they are in the same family.
      Also 3. the last time I read the Bible was years ago so I'm not sure of that fact
      why yes why don’t we go the Christian way, As stated god created Adam and Eve. Now if they were the only two people to reproduce. (And they were the only two to reproduce) There must have been a point in time where eve said to Adam? I’ve got a headache tonight. So sex is not on offer?
      That is until Adams daughter. Starts to flash the gash. Adam gets all excited and blows a load or two. into his own daughters gash. And the same applies with Eve. She sees that she has a son? Who had a nice big hard one. She plays with him. He shoots his baby batter into Eve. His mother. Surely everyone can see that incest has been around since the beginning of time? More so as there is no mention of this in your precious bible.

      So I personally think it started with Adam and Eve. And their children. Adam and Eve then having children with their own children. And then their children having children. With their children. And so on? So incest has been about since the beginning of time?