Here to be "Utilized"

    • Here to be "Utilized"

      My name is Ryan Golden, I am a 33 year father from Ky. Before I get kicked out for being an "Old Foggy" hear me out. It wasn't long ago that I myself was experiencing many of the same things teens go through today.

      I come from a broken home,
      I was permanently expelled from school for a fight that led to the school system and my parents being sued. (I had a history of fighting that followed me from the 3rd grade)
      I ran away multiple times because I hated to even think of being in the situation I was in.
      I was emancipated at the age of 16 and living on my own
      I have been involved in gangs (deeply)
      I have had to deal with an anger problem all my life
      I have had to deal with an issue with authority all my life
      I was put on lithium carbonate, and a weekly shot they give to sedate prisoners when I was 15.

      I say all this to let you know that I know what it is to hurt, feel pain, anger, resentment, and every other emotion that fills the negative realm.

      The good news is that I was able to stop that lifestyle and begin living on my terms. I have a deep desire to help youth regain their sanity, life and reason for living.

      I have made it a personal mission to destroy every enemy that comes your way. The one thing that I need is a chance. I need to be given a chance to help.

      I have a lot to offer, but without that chance....... I have nothing.

      I am asking for nothing more than a chance to offer advice that could lead you to a personal freedom that you have only experienced when you were to young to realize you had it.

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