The most important economic and social goal for a country.

  • The most important economic and social goal for a country.

    The seven goals are

    1.Economic Freedom--the right to make your own economic decisions

    about where to work, what to buy, etc.

    2.Economic Efficiency--using resources wisely because they are scarce

    so that more wants and needs can be satisfied in the long run.

    3.Economic Equity--justice and fairness for all. (example--no job


    4.Economic Security--protection from bad economic situations such as

    unemployment. The
    Social Security program was set up to help

    meet this goal for those people who are retired and/or disabled.

    5.Full Employment--to provide as many jobs as possible so that

    everyone has the opportunity to work.

    6.Price Stability--to have stable prices overall with no major inflation (a

    rise in the general level of prices) because many people have


    7.Economic Growth--to have better things in the future such as more

    money, better jobs, etc.

    Which do you think is the most important one.

    my opinion is

    This question can't be answered in singular, each goal by itself is useless, that's why countries strive to achieve seven not one. But my belief is that the four that are needed to have an effective economy are, Economic efficiency, economic equality, economic security, and economic growth. The other three are not necessary under a communist regime. Everyone is provide a job to do, but no one is employed as employment means working in exchange for something, but in a communist regime everyone works for the better of the country not for monetary gain. afterwards all produced goods are split among the populace as needed. economic equality is THE MOST important factor of a successful communist regime as its absence is the sole reason all communist countries have fallen (potentially excluding china, but is only because it is insanely over crowded and thus equality would not matter as there would always be an ample work force even if they were treated horribly as it would be better the 100% poverty) they have fallen because the council of rulers, instead of caring about their countrymen hoard possessions for themselves, contrary to popular western belief this is not a fault in the communist system but merely a fault in human nature. Finally, economic growth and stability are also important to a communist regime as the government needs to have supplies to sustain the populace in case of bad times and they need to expand their production to be able to support the inflating population which come inevitably with organized society.
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