I've been better -__-

    • I've been better -__-

      Mood: Irritated af >:(

      This week has not been going well for me at all. You know how it can just end up being one of those days? Well mines just happened to be one of those weeks, and I don’t see it getting any better.

      I’m not on good terms with my father but I have this tie with him that I’m not willing to break because I’d feel guilty. So now I’m stuck with him for the weekend and then again on Thanksgiving.

      I hate spending time with his side of the family, they are like complete strangers to me and I don’t feel welcomed at all, totally outta my comfort zone.

      My mom is so apathetic when it comes to me trying to confined my feelings to her about not wanting to go with my father -_-

      And my best friend I can’t even talk to, because she wants to act like it's no big deal when she berates me for not being Christian -_- I’m seriously not in the mood for this shit.
      Being crazy isn't enough