do you think im pregnant

    • do you think im pregnant

      kso on the 29 of october i had unprotected sex and he busted inside?on november 11 i got my period, but im not sure if it was my period because i usually get it at the end of the month. my period before ended on the 28 of october, the period on the 11 lasted 3 -4 days. could this be implantation bleeedingg? or do u think its my periodd
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      imho,You are not. If your period ended on the 28th of October then you were infertile when you had "unprotected sex" because it's just right after the last day of your period meaning, you're safe(correct me if I'm wrong people). As for the November 11 incident, i don't exactly know what it is, maybe it'd be more safe if you'll go to the doctor. :)

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