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      I want to be a father. Odd decision, I know, at sixteen. However true. I don't really know any more.

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      I have a friend who's 18 with a newborn son, in fact I have his Facebook page open in another tab right now showing pics of him at the hospital right after he was born. The sad thing is, he got his girlfriend pregnant because he wasn't wearing a condom and she wasn't on birth control, and he said "I hate condoms...don't believe in 'em." :nono: And I was like, "Yeah, that's dumbass-speak for 'I hate money and I don't want to see a dime ever again in my entire life.'" :D

      And it's true, he works THREE JOBS (count 'em, three! From the ass crack of dawn until past midnight every single day) and even had to drop out of college so he could put more time into working. All that and he STILL doesn't make enough for he, his girlfriend and the baby to live on comfortably after expenses are subtracted. The kid has some sort of weird disorder and requires a special type of formula that costs $40 per can, and the kid goes through Christ knows how many cans of that shit per week. And don't forget that babies scream bloody murder all night long, and with him only having about 4 hours to sleep, that doesn't work out so well. ;)

      But whatever, enjoy :D
    • dude being a father is not a fantasy, its epic hard work and bazingus amount of responsibility, may I remind you if you do become a father you'll be responsible for a living person and not some common house plant a living breathing person who feels etc.......

      think about what you are really thinking, I hate all this 'glamorizing teen pregnancy/parenthood" and I blame mtv, I has free will and I can has say whatever I want!

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    • It's pretty common and normal to want a child. Lots of people want a child. Lots of people want to be rich and famous too. But sometimes fantasy and our imagination is lots better than the reality would be. It's not stupid to want a child. It's stupid to act on those desires, but to HAVE those desire is just fine. It gives you a goal, something to work towards, incentive, drive.
    • Don't. I can't say that enough. I am a teen dad I have full custody of my child and it sucks. Don't get me wrong I love my daughter but it is so hard. It's not fun and you can't be teenager anymore once that baby gets there. It is way too much responsibility on one person or even two people when you are young. It is not just the money issue, I mean I feel like I never even get to be with my daughter because I always have to go to work to make money to take care of her, so I feel like I am hardly ever with her. It's not just money though. I barely get any sleep I am always exhausted. I'm not kidding I am seriously tired all the time. And I need to stay in school so I can get a better job someday to take care of her better, but it is so hard to keep up with school when you always have to work and take care of a baby and you don't have time to do your homework or study. And hen you feel guilty because you have to spend time studying and working because that is time with your child that you are missing. Your child misses you during that time. The whole thing just really, really sucks. And I love my daughter but it is just too hard. If you really care about your baby you will wait to have that baby till much much later when you can actually afford to take care of the baby and be able to spend lots off time with the baby too. Beig a parent is all about doing what is best for the baby- and what is best for your baby is that you wait a few years before you have it.
    • I understand fully, and I believe people misinterpreted what I meant. I don't want to be a father NOW, oh God no. I mean, yes and no, in that I feel like I want to be one in this moment in time but not want to PHYSICALLY BE A FATHER at this point in time.

      I wouldn't want to be a father right now because I'm not experienced enough nor financially or emotionally stable enough. I want to wait, because I want my future children to have the best lives possible. Also, I'd rather not have them be introduced into this piece of shit economy.

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      Also, I'd rather not have them be introduced into this piece of shit economy.

      Actually, it wouldn't be all too bad now because the worst part is already over. Unless you're a 3rdie.

      But yeah, who doesn't want a kid? :D I already picked a name for my future daughter (still have to come up with one for my future son)
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