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      So, I've been interested in it, and got an offer before(it was too shady, and reeked of a scam), but I've done some research, and my chances aren't looking good.
      I barely meet the height requirements at 5'10.
      Male models my age are supposed to look OLDER than they are, and I look waay younger, face and body type and all.
      My hips are too feminine ( not very narrow).
      I'm virtually unable to put on weight. I'm only about 125bs, although my muscles are decently toned.
      I take terrible photos. People often mistake my photos for someone else's and I'm terribly insecure about them.
      I had to cut 6 years worth of bangs and ponytail off for a skin head cut ( I got a job on our police force) and I look like an entirely different ethnicity( which isn't bad in itself, but I'm not used to it, and I feel like I can't hide behind my hair anymore)
      And to top it all off I have bdd.

      This is something I really want to do. I just feel like If I can take one good picture I'm proud of I can somehow beat bdd. I want to prove that I'm not crazy when I have the occasional good day and think " man, I look awesome". Also, I feel like the black sheep in the family, the ugly black sheep, cause my sisters model and my brother is mister popular in school. I've never actually been called ugly by anyone, that I'm aware of, and I get hit on a whole lot, by dudes and dudettes, but that doesn't help, or prove I'm not ugly.

      Any advice on how to make it as a male model? or look more mature?
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      Well, don't shave. The good news is that your sister is in modeling.. if you two are cool I'm sure she could drop some wisdom on you. You should start a legitimate plan for eating and working out, especially cardio, but strength training too. There are a bunch of guides on the internet as to what you should be doing, they might be really hard to follow (assuming they're legitimate) but you'll probably need to get used to being strict with yourself anyways.

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      I have researched the industry. Unfortunately it seems like all I'm suited for is modeling a few low end clothing lines, mostly children's (rage.) Oh well, we all have to start somewhere. problem is there aren't any agencies where I live that specialize in the "boyish" look. It's all bodybuilder stuff for guys...
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