Destructive Relationships

    • Destructive Relationships

      So of all the very few gay relationships I've been in, they have all ended pretty badly up in the end. Even when I thought things would be great, they turned out sour. Now I know there are clean break ups and get back togethers. I've dated plenty of girls and they almost ALWAYS ended either with no one getting hurt or with drastic emotional scarring.

      So my question is, do all gay relationships end like this? I mean, it's like I can't get close to a guy with either myself or him screwing it up. Maybe it's because I'm getting too attached and that's never happened before? I'd like some input and experiences... I'm probably overreacting, but I'd like to at least post something.
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      Not all relationships are like this... and it's certainly not reserved to just gay relationships either. Relationship issues are universal.

      I've only ever been in 2 emotional relationships... the first ended well, Jay's father was in teh airforce and had to move to the other side of the country, We both new it wouldn't work out and it was a very civil and understanding split. I'm currently still in my second relationship so I don't know how or if (a guy can dream can't he? lol) this one will end.
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      Eh.. honestly I've had one emotional gay relationship, and it ended VERY badly. I was a mess and I ended up getting so stressed from everything else it was 1 of 5 deciding factors of why I left Taiwan. Running away never does justice... but at least it wasn't the only reason I left :P I was unsafe there with host-families and my school. So those were even bigger factors.
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      I hear ya. This past year was crazy for me. I came out to a few friends then before I knew it I was in a relationship. That didn't end well. He pretty much used me for sex etc. We lasted two and a half months. By the last month we barely talked. And even before that all he wanted to do was make out. He didn't care about me. A week after the break up I saw this other guy and we made out (best night of my life :wink:) but the next day he posted on facebook that he was in a relationship with some other guy after he told me he wasn't ready for a serious relationship. :( Two heartbreaks in one week. So I TOTALLY understand your situation. It feels like you want to put your heart into a relationship but everyone else doesn't care about your feelings and/or is using you. I'm taking it slow now and suggesting you do the same. Good luck! :)