Youtube for a career

    • Youtube for a career

      Hey, my name's Kim!

      There are ways that you can make money from Youtube if you have the time, patience and effort.

      Some of the top Youtube partners are paid a lot of money to upload their video's and the money is generated through advertising provided by Youtube itself on their video's in a scheme called 'partnership'

      I am an online vlogger myself but have not been doing it for long enough to make any money yet.

      My channel is called "The Kim and Kai Show" If you get a spare moment then check it out!!

      If you start as soon as possible with your own Youtube channel and get really involved with the youtube community, ie commenting on people's channel's and watching their videos (Which is fun anyway!) then very soon you will make some new friends who will help you on your way.

      Upload a couple of nicely put together video's of your own or start your own vlog and before you know it your subscriber's will start to flood in.

      Once you have reached a desired amount of subscriber's then you can apply for partnership and then take advantage of earning's for all of your video's but bare in mind that you will need a lot of viewers to turn it into serious money.

      If you start early enough though and commit yourself then the chance of a dream job with Youtube is there for the taking.

      Subscribe to me on Youtube and I can help you on your way

      "The Kim AND Kai Show"