Lonely and need someone to talk to

    • Lonely and need someone to talk to

      I've been having a lot of issues and I've been wanting to talk to someone about them. I don't want to talk to my parents about them because it doesnt feel right. I want to talk to someone around my age and face to face. And I don't have a gf to talk about this stuff with.

      Let's just say I've also contemplated suicide but I don't really want to throw away my life for other reasons.:(

      And I just think my life has no purpose.
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      I know how you feel, talking to my parents about my personal issues is the worst thing about it all.
      But I have no choice, since being ill/gay seriously affects your social life and exercise it's impossible for them not to get involved.
      But look on the bright side, the lack of information prevents me from pointing it out for you but finding it yourself may make you feel even better than being told by someone.
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      Hey. I'm always available to talk if u need to. I have been thru alot of stuff and some people actually think that there's no way all that has happened to me could be true but it is. Thanks to that I can relate to a lot and maybe offer some really useful input. PM if u want to talk
      pm me if u ever need to talk about something or just feel like talking to someone or whatever...
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      Hey, if you ever need anyone to talk to about stuff, feel free to message me! I know pretty much exactly how you feel here...I get depressed and stressed out and stuff like that super easy, and I've contemplated suicide several times in the past 3 years before I started to get better, with the help of a friend. Any time I confronted my parents about it, i was taken lightly and pushed away. That's why it's always nice to have a friend, someone you can trust, there to help you...that's how I made it out!
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      Like the others here, I'm offering a shoulder. I myself suffered from a deep depression a few years ago and contemplated suicide for a long time before actually taking action and attempting twice. Unfortunately for me, I had no-one to talk to at all because my family were preoccupied with my brother who was going through his own hell and they, in their words, "neglected (me) to the point of shame". I had only a few friends because I was a shy kid, and I didn't want to burden them.

      I know what it's like to feel alone and I know how easy it is to go over the edge, so I'm here if you want to talk at all too.
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      Go out and do some things. Just any old random things. Take advantage of opportunities that come up. If you see a flier for a ... leaf-collecting group, go along, just for the hell of it. Eventually you'll figure out what it is you like and don't like, what you care about. That'll give you some purpose. You'll join the... I dunno.. Youth .. Fire... Eaters .. Emergency Response Team, because you found out that it really gets to you how little kids burn their arms off trying to eat fire like their heroes in the circus.
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      I have to ask, why doesn't it feel right to talk to your parents? Do you guys not get along, or?

      As the others have said, if you ever need to talk to someone, just message me. I'm sure no matter how bad things are, you can always turn it back around!

      You're never completely alone :) Don't worry!
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