I'm the Monster

    • I'm the Monster

      My friends and I have been fighting like crazy lately......and i tried to talk to one about why i was upset and she just got mad that i was mad...she thinks that since she made up with everyone i have to too. So just to make her happy...i made up with someone that i didn't really want too. She told me she didn't want to be friends with this girl and then shes all buddy buddy with her. when asked her "What the hell was up ?" She said She didn't really mean what she said and that i need to quit getting mad at her all the time. She made it out like its all my fault cause I get mad.....and too be honest i understand that i need to just chill and try not to get mad but its so hard when people like that play both sides f the fence. The whole conversation anyway just boiled down to me feeling like i'm this horrible person....and i cant stop thinking about it its burring me into a hole.....idk what to do.its eating me up....i'm sure this just sounds like a girl ranting but i just need to do something....:nono::confused::mad::cries:
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      First thing you need to do is calm down. If you're this frazzled you'll make mountain out of a mole hill. Second you need to leave the past in the past and forgive and forget, don't hold grudges and let your friends be friends with whoever they want even if it's your worst enemy. Before you get angry, think about how petulant the argument you're having really is, and at your age I highly doubt the things you argue about are important at all.

      Just chill and get lots of hugs. here's a freebie. =]:hugs: